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nursing-at-4-wks-r.jpg Hi, I just had to show you  this photo of us.  Today we played hard, ate till our tummies were totally stuffed, and then crashed.  I have to admit, my brothers and sisters are so cute sleeping like this!  Where am I, you ask? Well, that’s me snuggled up between my mom’s front legs  🙂  I like it when it feels like I’ve got her all to myself for a while.  I have the nicest mom in the whole world!!!


4-wks-behr-tackling-brother-r.jpg  Hey, they don’t call me Behr for nothing!!!!!!  Yahoo! I can pin my brother down for the count.  Doesn’t our referee look bored tho?  We all have so much fun playing all day long.  We basically eat, sleep, tackle each other, and play with our new stuffed animals we got.  Life is good 🙂

behr-at-3-weeks-r.jpg My sister (purple collar) is the biggest one in the whole bunch of us (all 11!).  Here I am letting her know that even tho she is bigger than me, I’m not afraid of her.  Grrrrrr.

3-wks-can-i-tell-you-something-r.jpg Mom, I think you look so cute with that dirt on your nose 🙂  You’re pretty smart, you know? While my new human mom and dad were looking at me and my brothers and sisters, you were out in the back yard digging a BIG, BIG hole to hide us in.  Did I do a good job at distracting them while you were digging?  🙂

puppy3weeks1 My eyes are just opening, and what a great day for that! Today I got to meet my human mom and dad for the first time!  I’m SOOOOO glad that they chose me, too, ’cause I know we are going to have lots of fun adventures together.  I like them!  Unfortunately, my human dad had a black shirt on, so he couldn’t take his picture with me ’cause I’m black too.  I can hardly wait to go to my new home and have ALL the food to myself.  I’m getting lots of fun toys, blankies, and a soft bed in a den, too.  My human parents are counting the days till they get to bring me home.  Meanwhile, I’ll stay with mom and be growing up more.  Watch for more pictures of me!

156_56552.jpg  There, I made it to the top of the dog pile!  No way I’m going to let them push me around and take all of my milk!  I need to get big like my mom and dad!

Me  Look how much work it is for me to even get food around here! Gosh, I have to climb on top of my brothers and sisters in order to get some dinner! Read the rest of this entry »

Dad as a baby  This is my dad when he was a little bitty puppy.  You wouldn’t believe how big he is now!  Isn’t he CUTE?  He is a blue dane.

Dad when he was younger. This is dad when he was only a year old.

Dad pulling a cart.  Dad and his friend, Devin (black dane) pulling a cart (Dad is on the left side of the photo).  I think they look tired!

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