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Here’s a picture of me with one of my favorite toys…mr. giraffy 🙂

I LOVE running around with him ‘cause he makes all kinds of cools sounds when I am running with him. He sounds like a duck when I run real fast, and when I bite his feet he sounds like some kind of squeaky thing.

I love toys that make lots of noise! Sometimes, mr. giraffy manages to escape from my den and hides in my toy box, but I always find him again.

He’s obviously not as smart as me!! 🙂

♥ lil Behr Behr




We finally made it to my new home.  Gosh, that was the longest ride I’ve ever been on.  At least my new mom sat in the back seat with me and let me keep my head on her lap, and she pet me and talked to me all the way home.  I liked that, and it made me feel so loved. I’m sure glad my new family likes me so much, and they let me know it a lot.    My new dad has such a kind and gentle voice, too. 

So, about my new home…I’m gonna really like it here!  Wow, I have a cool bed that’s all mine!  I walked in the house and wandered around checking things out.  When I saw this, I instantly ran to it and climbed in.  I know  a “Behr den” when I see one!!! This one is great ’cause it’s all nice and cozy.  Can you believe that there was a toy box waiting for me, stuffed full of toys???? I’ve never had one of those!  I took my new moose in there and we cuddled up together.  Mmmmm. Nice and warm and soft.  Don’t I just look so cute in my “den”?


behr-at-black-bear-diner.jpg  Hey, recognize this picture from somewhere?  (I’ll give you a hint…look up to the top of the page…)

My new parents stopped at the Black Bear Diner on our way home so that I could go potty.  We all thought it would be cute to take this picture, even tho we were FREEZING cold here!  My name, Behr, is German for “little bear”.  At the time of this photo, I was more like freezing bear who wanted to become running bear 🙂

Brrrrrr  Behr 🙂


OK, I’m ready to go home!!! I am even buckled into my seatbelt/harness!

Yipee!!!!  We’re off to my new house where I get my own bed and toys and food from now on! I’ll have to show you more pictures soon.  I need to go night night now after my long ride home (over 200 miles).  Whew!   little “Behr Behr



Meanwhile, my parents had their car all ready and waiting for me.  Isn’t this cute?? I had a new soft fuzzy blankie and my first moose toy waiting just for me!  


Well, it’s finally here…the day I get my new home!! After my new mom and dad arrived, I wanted to snuggle with my sister, Gidget (yellow girl) one last time. Some of my brothers and sisters had already left, and it was almost time for me to go to. I really like Gidget, tho, and she was so sad because she doesn’t have a new home yet like I do. To make her feel better, we ran around the house together and played tag, and then I cuddled with her one last time. Here’s a picture of me with her, letting her know that I love her and will really miss her alot. (I was taking a break from ear tape in this photo)

lil Behr Behr

additional note: “yellow girl” was the only puppy left without a home the day I left, and Gidget was a temporary nickname. I don’t know what her “real” name is yet, but she does have her own home now. I THINK it’s Sage, but will update as soon as I know for sure.

There have been SO many changes lately that my head is spinning! Let’s see…we get to play outside in the puppy yard now with Ms. Kathleen (my mom’s human mom), we were told that we were too big to be drinking mom’s milk anymore, we got big girl/boy collars, and big girl/boy ears, and we get to go to our own homes next week (even MORE changes!). Whew! We like Ms. Kathleen so much that we don’t like to be away from her at all. It’s so nice that she even takes us to work with her. Aren’t we lucky? (Can YOU imagine taking 11 rambunctious puppies to work with you?!) Sometimes she puts us in the puppy yard and then tries to do things outside the fence in the rest of the big yard. We don’t like that at all, so we all just sit by the gate and cry for her until she feels sorry for us and comes back in the yard with us. Then we’re happy again 🙂 We definitely like the big dog yard when we get to run around in there!

So, how much food does it take for us to look so healthy and beautiful like we do? Well, right now it’s 40 cups of food per day for all 11 of us. If it were divided evenly (which it’s not exactly), that would be approx. 3.5 cups each. (ok, so I keep getting in trouble for sneaking mom’s milk in addition to dog food too!) We get lots of special food that tastes yummy. We eat Eagle Pack food with Honest Kitchen (and other stuff) mixed in. Honest Kitchen is chicken and veggies and fruits mixed in. Yum!

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of me tomorrow with my “toro toro” ears 🙂

♥ Behr

Today mom had a serious little talk with us kids. Don’t worry, we aren’t in trouble or anything. On the contrary, we all felt very, very special when she was done talking to us.

She said that she and my dad were something called “show dogs”, and that that meant they were chosen for that because they were especially beautiful and intelligent. She said our grandparents and their parents and on up the family line were “show dogs” as well. She made sure that we knew that ALL of us were special to her and dad, whether we became “show dogs” or not. That made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

She said that what mattered most was that we loved our people when we get our new homes, and that we loved each other. That sounds easy enough! We already do love her and dad and each other quite a bit! She said that all of our homes were very carefully chosen, and would be ones where we were loved a whole, whole bunch. Wow! That made us all pretty excited about getting our new homes! (Ok, and our own food and toys…)

Anyhow, she told us how our family has won many, many show titles, both for our beauty and for our ability to obey commands and do all kinds of neat tricks. How fun that sounds! Then she asked us all if we saw any difference between her and dad and us little pups. Well that was easy…they’re REAL BIG! She said, “What else do you see that is different?” Some of us said, “OH! You get to play in the giant yard in the back all by yourselves!” She laughed and told us how cute we all were. We didn’t know what else could be different. I said, “Well I know then, some of us are blue like dad and some are black like you, mom!” Nope again. Gosh, none of us knew the answer then.

She bent her head down real close to us and said, “Look at my head and tell me what’ s different.” “Oh I know”, said my brother. “You have really big ears and we have funny looking little ones.” Mom smiled at us again. She sure looks pretty when she smiles at us like that with the gleam in her eyes. That look always melts my heart, you know?

Then she explained to us that those ears are special ears given to her by her human mom, (Kathleen) who is something called a “veterinarian.” Boy is THAT ever a big word for us to learn! Anyhow, it means that Kathleen is a doctor for dogs and other animals. She’s the one that gave us our shots that we didn’t really like. Ouchy! She’s really nice, though, (when she’s not giving us shots) and takes us to work with her every day. She takes us outside to play and feeds us, too.

So mom explained how most of us were going to be getting our big girl/big boy ears today (Wednesday) when we went to work with her and Kathleen. She explained all about how we would just go night night and when we wake up we’ll have the pretty ears. I guess they’re going to be a little sore for a few days, though. Oh well. Then we will have funny white tape on our ears for a lot of weeks until they could stand up like hers and dads. I think we’re going to look funny for a while, that’s what I think! 🙂 That’s ok, in the end we will be beautiful/handsome like our parents.

I just wanted you to know so that next time you see a picture of me, I’m gonna look funny. Sort of like a little black bear with white antenna. Grrrrr. Or maybe like a bull with horns, eh?

ToroToro! Behr

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