Eleven.  What’s 11?  My weight, silly. Eleven pounds, that is. Can you believe it?  I’m gaining about 2.2 pounds per week, or 8 ½ per month if I keep up at this speed. Let’s see now, in one year I should weigh….. oh, never mind. 🙂   Guess we’ll just have to see how much it is in a year.  Meanwhile, I’ll just keep tackling mom for as much milk as I can get.

My human mom just found out that that’s how much I weigh now.  Since I live over 200 miles from her, she has to depend on my mom’s “mom” to keep her informed.  (that’s also how she gets pictures)  Fortunately, I’m living in a home that is really caring, and willing to keep her up to date on what I’m up to.

Oops, sorry. Time to go beat my 10 brothers and sisters to mom! 🙂

Behr  ♥