Guess what happened to US today? This is totally amazing! I thought the indoor play pen we had was the coolest thing there was, but today I found out there’s a whole big world we didn’t even know about.  My mom’s human mom (her real name is Kathleen) is the greatest!!! She lets us play outside in one of the grown up dog yards now.  We also have a special puppy yard that’s just for us little guys, but the grown up yard is really HUGE! Well, we don’t get to play in the giant one in the back yet cause we’d probably get lost or fall in the pool there. Only the grown ups get that yard for sure. 

 Anyhow, she is going to let us play in this grown up yard 2 times a day now.  She stays with us and makes sure we are all ok and don’t get hurt or get into any trouble.  My mom really likes the break while all us little pups play outside, too.  I wonder if she worries about us while we’re out here? 

Can you tell by the pictures that we’re so excited we can hardly decide what to do first out here! We just run around and tackle each other and look at all the new stuff out here.  This is FUN! 

Life is really good around here. I learned that there are leaves and grass and toys and plants outside.  It’s fun to run in the plants! They make a cool sound when we all run thru them.Well, I’m pretty tired from all of this running around today, so I need to take a nap.  I’ve got lots more pictures, but I’ll have to show them to you another day.

night night,

♥ Behr