Today mom had a serious little talk with us kids. Don’t worry, we aren’t in trouble or anything. On the contrary, we all felt very, very special when she was done talking to us.

She said that she and my dad were something called “show dogs”, and that that meant they were chosen for that because they were especially beautiful and intelligent. She said our grandparents and their parents and on up the family line were “show dogs” as well. She made sure that we knew that ALL of us were special to her and dad, whether we became “show dogs” or not. That made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

She said that what mattered most was that we loved our people when we get our new homes, and that we loved each other. That sounds easy enough! We already do love her and dad and each other quite a bit! She said that all of our homes were very carefully chosen, and would be ones where we were loved a whole, whole bunch. Wow! That made us all pretty excited about getting our new homes! (Ok, and our own food and toys…)

Anyhow, she told us how our family has won many, many show titles, both for our beauty and for our ability to obey commands and do all kinds of neat tricks. How fun that sounds! Then she asked us all if we saw any difference between her and dad and us little pups. Well that was easy…they’re REAL BIG! She said, “What else do you see that is different?” Some of us said, “OH! You get to play in the giant yard in the back all by yourselves!” She laughed and told us how cute we all were. We didn’t know what else could be different. I said, “Well I know then, some of us are blue like dad and some are black like you, mom!” Nope again. Gosh, none of us knew the answer then.

She bent her head down real close to us and said, “Look at my head and tell me what’ s different.” “Oh I know”, said my brother. “You have really big ears and we have funny looking little ones.” Mom smiled at us again. She sure looks pretty when she smiles at us like that with the gleam in her eyes. That look always melts my heart, you know?

Then she explained to us that those ears are special ears given to her by her human mom, (Kathleen) who is something called a “veterinarian.” Boy is THAT ever a big word for us to learn! Anyhow, it means that Kathleen is a doctor for dogs and other animals. She’s the one that gave us our shots that we didn’t really like. Ouchy! She’s really nice, though, (when she’s not giving us shots) and takes us to work with her every day. She takes us outside to play and feeds us, too.

So mom explained how most of us were going to be getting our big girl/big boy ears today (Wednesday) when we went to work with her and Kathleen. She explained all about how we would just go night night and when we wake up we’ll have the pretty ears. I guess they’re going to be a little sore for a few days, though. Oh well. Then we will have funny white tape on our ears for a lot of weeks until they could stand up like hers and dads. I think we’re going to look funny for a while, that’s what I think! 🙂 That’s ok, in the end we will be beautiful/handsome like our parents.

I just wanted you to know so that next time you see a picture of me, I’m gonna look funny. Sort of like a little black bear with white antenna. Grrrrr. Or maybe like a bull with horns, eh?

ToroToro! Behr