There have been SO many changes lately that my head is spinning! Let’s see…we get to play outside in the puppy yard now with Ms. Kathleen (my mom’s human mom), we were told that we were too big to be drinking mom’s milk anymore, we got big girl/boy collars, and big girl/boy ears, and we get to go to our own homes next week (even MORE changes!). Whew! We like Ms. Kathleen so much that we don’t like to be away from her at all. It’s so nice that she even takes us to work with her. Aren’t we lucky? (Can YOU imagine taking 11 rambunctious puppies to work with you?!) Sometimes she puts us in the puppy yard and then tries to do things outside the fence in the rest of the big yard. We don’t like that at all, so we all just sit by the gate and cry for her until she feels sorry for us and comes back in the yard with us. Then we’re happy again 🙂 We definitely like the big dog yard when we get to run around in there!

So, how much food does it take for us to look so healthy and beautiful like we do? Well, right now it’s 40 cups of food per day for all 11 of us. If it were divided evenly (which it’s not exactly), that would be approx. 3.5 cups each. (ok, so I keep getting in trouble for sneaking mom’s milk in addition to dog food too!) We get lots of special food that tastes yummy. We eat Eagle Pack food with Honest Kitchen (and other stuff) mixed in. Honest Kitchen is chicken and veggies and fruits mixed in. Yum!

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of me tomorrow with my “toro toro” ears 🙂

♥ Behr