Well, it’s finally here…the day I get my new home!! After my new mom and dad arrived, I wanted to snuggle with my sister, Gidget (yellow girl) one last time. Some of my brothers and sisters had already left, and it was almost time for me to go to. I really like Gidget, tho, and she was so sad because she doesn’t have a new home yet like I do. To make her feel better, we ran around the house together and played tag, and then I cuddled with her one last time. Here’s a picture of me with her, letting her know that I love her and will really miss her alot. (I was taking a break from ear tape in this photo)

lil Behr Behr

additional note: “yellow girl” was the only puppy left without a home the day I left, and Gidget was a temporary nickname. I don’t know what her “real” name is yet, but she does have her own home now. I THINK it’s Sage, but will update as soon as I know for sure.