We finally made it to my new home.  Gosh, that was the longest ride I’ve ever been on.  At least my new mom sat in the back seat with me and let me keep my head on her lap, and she pet me and talked to me all the way home.  I liked that, and it made me feel so loved. I’m sure glad my new family likes me so much, and they let me know it a lot.    My new dad has such a kind and gentle voice, too. 

So, about my new home…I’m gonna really like it here!  Wow, I have a cool bed that’s all mine!  I walked in the house and wandered around checking things out.  When I saw this, I instantly ran to it and climbed in.  I know  a “Behr den” when I see one!!! This one is great ’cause it’s all nice and cozy.  Can you believe that there was a toy box waiting for me, stuffed full of toys???? I’ve never had one of those!  I took my new moose in there and we cuddled up together.  Mmmmm. Nice and warm and soft.  Don’t I just look so cute in my “den”?