I can’t figure this one out. In my old home where I was born, I had brothers and sisters that would see me and run to play with me. We really liked each other a lot!

I sure miss playing with them.

Anyhow, in my new home, there is another puppy the same size as me, but she won’t play with me at all! Boy is she strange! I’ve tried running up to her to get her to play, but when I run into her, she’s not soft and cuddly like me. She feels kinda cold and hard even. So I’ve tried barking at her, bringing her my toys to share, and even (as a last resort) biting her. Nothing works. It’s kinda creepy, but she seems to be following me around the house ‘cause I’ve seen her in more than one room, but she still won’t play with me. I don’t know what else I can do to be friends with her so we can play and have fun like puppies are supposed to do.

I hope humans don’t have these kinds of problems with other humans, ‘cause it doesn’t feel very nice. Seems like it would make their hearts hurt deep inside like it does mine when she does this to me (even tho I don’t let her know how sad and frustrated I feel). It’s a good thing I have a human mom and dad who love me and snuggle with me a lot. They tell me I’m beautiful (even when I rolled in the dirt!) and that they are glad they adopted me. Maybe she doesn’t have someone like that and it’s making her grumpy.

I hope you have someone who loves you, even when you’ve rolled in the dirt 🙂

♥ Behr Behr