behr-with-stickr.jpg One of the things that I love doing is scouting around the yard for leaves and sticks and rocks and just about anything else I can find to bite. I bite everything! Mom and Dad said I must be part piranha or something ‘cause I love biting things so much. It’s a little frustrating, tho, because Mom and Dad are always taking my newly found treasures out of my mouth after I went thru the trouble of catching them.

I just go find another one when they do 🙂

I discovered that the wind is my friend, tho. Wind is GREAT! The wind comes along and shakes the trees a whole bunch, and it makes all of the sticks and leaves real scared, so they jump out of the tree!! I guess they aren’t as brave as I am 🙂

Then I come along and pounce on the leaves and make them crunch real loud. That’s their way of saying, “uncle! You win, Behr!” That makes me happy. When they stop crunching, I go pounce on another leaf and another one and so on. Keeps me pretty busy.

I also watch for the scared sticks to jump out of the tree and I go pounce on them too. Then I parade around with my killed stick in my mouth and show everyone my stick that I conquered.

The wind is such a good friend of mine!

♥ Behr