We had my first field trip today, (literally). We got to leave our yard today for one of my play times, and boy did I learn a lot!

We walked down a creek bed and I was found lots of new things that I’ve never seen before. I sure enjoyed walking along tasting and sniffing and biting everything, ‘cause that’s what we puppies like to do, you know? 🙂

Anyhow, I was a little nervous at first since everything was so new and different to me. I know my yard at home pretty well, where every stick and rock and place to dig are. I feel pretty comfortable there, but out here was a little scary to me. I finally started to relax ‘cause mom was with me and we were having fun walking.

Then it happened.

All of a sudden some really big dogs that had a yard next to the creek ran up to their fence and starting barking real mean at me. YIKES! I raced back to mom, shaking and crying ‘cause I was sure they were going to get me! Mom tried petting me and telling me it was ok ‘cause they were in a fence and wouldn’t get me, but you should’ve heard what they were saying. I’m telling you, they were really mean and scary!!!! :)L

Then mom had a really great idea!

She took me to a little hill nearby and we went up to the top. I was still scared and wanted to hurry away from the mean sounding dogs. Then when we got to the top, she sat down and held me close to her and talked to me calmly. You can see the picture of me listening to her talking to me, it’s the one with her knee in it 🙂 She made me feel a lot better, and I stopped shaking and feeling scared.

Then I heard those mean ‘ole dogs barking again down below. Guess what? This time I wasn’t even scared, ‘cause when I looked down at them they had become REALLY TINY!!!! I like them better that way! I don’t know how my mom shrunk them, but she did! (Also, it helped that she was still petting me and talking to me quietly.) You can see the picture of me looking at the tiny little mean dogs down below, right next to the other picture.

I learned that the scary dogs looked a lot bigger when I was up close to them and that’s all I could see. Somehow, having mom with me and looking at the whole valley from the top of the hill made them suddenly look real tiny. When I looked at the whole valley, they were just little barking dots in the overall picture.

I learned today that if I have something big and scary happening to me, it’s a lot better for me to not face that scary thing all by myself. When I did that, the scary things seemed much, much bigger! Maybe we all need someone like my mom who can walk with us up a hill and look at that scary thing from a different viewpoint. I know I wouldn’t have done that all by myself. It didn’t make them go away, but I sure felt better having her with me there. I think it would be really sad for someone to not have anyone like her to just walk with them when they were scared.

I hope you have someone you can run to when you are afraid.

If not, maybe you can just talk to my mom and ask her to shrink the scary thing for you like she shrunk those dogs 🙂 That works pretty well for me!

Behr Behr