What Behr was thinking as she looked at the valley below:


I wonder if those scary dogs are anywhere around?

I wonder if any of those houses down there have puppies in them?

I wonder how much puppy food is in those houses?

I wonder how I could distract mom and then sneak down there and get some of that food?

I’ll bet there are a LOT of cool sticks to bite down there!

I wonder if their moms and dads do weird things like tell them to “go potty?”  How silly is that?  Man, I was able to “go potty” just fine all by myself before I moved here, and I didn’t have to think about where I went, either.  They are so picky at my house, you know?

I wonder if the puppies who live down there have to do dumb things like wear tape on their heads like I do?

I wonder if they wear funny colored sticks on their heads too? Gosh, I guess I should be glad the puppies down there can’t see me with not only the tape on my head, but these strange purple sticks in my ears!  What do they think I am, a tree to decorate or something?

I wonder if the puppies down there have parents who are able to walk themselves without getting lost, or if they have to tie themselves to their dogs with a leash like my parents?

Behr Behr