My parents are the greatest! You know how we Great Danes LOVE warmth on a cold day? Well, after playing outside and taking a walk, sometimes they treat me to my own “doggie day spa.” It’s WONDERFUL!!! In fact, I like it so much that it helps me overlook my parents’ little quirks like the whole potty and leash thing. (see previous day’s post)

First we go into the little room with the giant bowl in it. They pick me up and put me in the bowl that they call a “bathtub”, whatever that means. Then they do something Heavenly….they pour warm water all over me. I LOVE that part a LOT!!!!!! I just sit there and go, “ahhhhhh.” Well, in doggy language, that is, but I’m telling you in people language so you know what I’m talking about.

Then for some reason they put slimy stuff all over me, but I don’t really mind because then they give me a whole body rub down. It’s all part of the spa thing, you know? My body feels so good with the warm water and rub down. Then there’s more of the wonderfully warm water. I normal feel pretty hyper, but after one of these spa treatments, I feel warm and cozy and all relaxed. I just want to snuggle into my soft bed and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

For the final treatment, they get this funny looking thing that looks like a big gun. Don’t worry; it only shoots warm air at me. 🙂 I feel like a puppy princess as the warm air dries my hair and makes it all pretty and shiny.

There’s only one little problem about the day spa. It washes my favorite smell out of my hair, unfortunately. This spa doesn’t seem to have that on hand, so I have to go get it again after each of my treatments. Not a big deal, really, just a minor inconvenience.

My favorite fragrance blend is “Eau de Dirt & Grass” because it has that refreshing, earthy, natural smell that I love. You ought to try it sometime yourself. It’s naturally found in the outdoors, but you have to work at it to get all of the subtle notes that make it so great. It’s also a good way to have fun 🙂

Some of the humans I’ve met seem to have forgotten how to play with abandonment, like puppies do. They seem so boring and serious sometimes; it’s really quite sad to me. I don’t think they were supposed to be living that way. Go outside and look at everything in detail, like we do. Look at the sky, the leaves, the grass, and the rocks. They really are fascinating. Smell the fresh air and the plants. I know you’ll love it like I do, if you try it, that is.

You haven’t lost your childhood, really….

it’s still outside where you left it 🙂

Behr Behr, the puppy princess