Our sweet little Behr Behr has been unable to write today because she has been in the hospital. I (mom) worked all night in the E.R. and came home to find her lying in her little bed looking quite sad. She normally jumps up to greet me and play, but not this time. She vomited and refused water to drink (she normally drinks volumes of water!).

We rushed to to the animal hospital who ran tests on her all day. Turns out that somehow she has found a little piece of fabric (source unknown) to eat, which has caused a partial blockage. Because it is not a complete blockage, we are giving it a little bit more time to see if it passes or if she will need surgery 😦

Friday will be the deciding day. We certainly do not want her to have to have abdominal surgery at such a tender little age. She will turn 12 weeks on Friday (Jan. 18th).

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully she will be back up and writing about her exploits soon!!

Thank you,

Behr’s mom and dad