Gosh, all of this rain and wind is making my life boring lately! Normally I’m outside a lot, chasing leaves, finding sticks to run around with, digging holes, etc. Not now, tho.  It’s been raining for days now.  I’m starting to get a little tired of just playing with my toys and mom and dad.  Nothing against them, but I need to run around more!  How do other puppies who live where it rains a lot deal with all of this water stuff ? 

I did get to play outside for a little bit today when it was only sprinkling,tho.  We went for a little walk, and found water that was moving on the ground! I’ve never seen that before!!  You can see the picture of me walking into this funny moving water.  I’m not even afraid of it, altho it was pretty cold. 

I found some funny tracks that smelled good and I tried my hardest to find the animal who made them so we could play.  Mom said it was something called raccoon tracks. I wonder what kind of puppy that is?

 ♥Behr Behr the water puppy