I don’t know about you, but there’s just something special about the time I spend outdoors with mom or dad. In fact, it’s the highlight of my day. Sure, I love my food and sticks and stuff, but it doesn’t even compare to our walks together. All the toys or food in the world can’t replace one walk together. It’s just our time alone, together, as friends.

There are so many things to explore as we take walks. There are trees and birds and lots of colors and smells. I come back inside feeling so refreshed and happy! It just feels like all of my senses come alive when I’m outside on a walk with my parents. I’ll bet my parents feel that way to, but I don’t know how to ask them in their language. I try, but I guess it all sounds like “woof woof” to them when I talk. Oh well.

I’m still not able to play with other puppies yet, ‘cause I haven’t had all my Parvo shots. Mom and Dad said I’ll have lots of friends when I’m done with the shots, tho. Then we can go for walks together, along with our moms or dads.

If there are any other puppies reading this, and you’re done with your shots, ask your mom or dad to spend some time with you today. Just show them your best , “PLEASE” with your eyes, ‘cause I don’t think they speak puppy language. Maybe go to the door and look outside or something, so they get the hint.

When you get back, make sure to give them lots of kisses to thank them!! You want them to keep it up as much as possible, so you’ve got to reward their good behavior. It’s how you train parents.

Have fun today (if it’s not raining!),

Behr Behr