Enough of this silly rain and wind! It’s turned our yard into a little lake, making it not fun to roll in the grass right now. Frankly, I don’t like going potty on this little lake, either.

Meanwhile, I’ve been driving my parents nuts, hoping that they would take me for a walk if I bugged them enough. Sometime I get the “zoomies” and just zip around the house like a mad dog, under tables, around them, and everywhere I can fit. I run in big circles through the house, sometimes crashing into things. So, I think we should take walks even if it’s windy and rainy. If I were in charge, that’s what I would do.

Fortunately, we did get to walk today! I was so surprised when I saw the place where we normally walk, tho!!!!! Instead of dirt and plants, there is lots of fast moving water! Hey, I can’t pick up all the sticks in that!!

How did all of those silly drops of water become friends and stick together like that to make a creek? They must really like each other a lot. I don’t even get how they all found each other after they fell from the sky. I think I’d just be sitting on the ground complaining about how much it hurt to fall from the sky. I guess they all just look around for each other, become friends, and hook themselves together and start running. They make a lot of noise when there’s a whole bunch of them, like today. I think they had the “zoomies” too, only they get to zoom outside. They were running over the dirt, jumping rocks, picking up sticks, and stuff like I normally do. I wonder if they are puppy raindrops? 🙂

Behr Behr the zoom master