Today I learned what happens when the raindrop friends (see yesterday’s post) get too cold. What happens, is that in cold weather they’re shivering so much that their little eyes have trouble focusing very well. Then they have trouble finding each other. So, what they do is they change their color to white, since white is much easier to see on the ground and in the trees than clear. Then the friends are happier and can still play and have fun ‘cause they can find each other again, even when they’re shivering. That’s sure nice of them to do that for their friends.  🙂

Mom and Dad said we that we can’t call them “raindrops” when they are making themselves white, but we have to call them “snow”. I’m don’t get why we have to change their names, tho. Mom and Dad still called me “Behr Behr” when we were freezing cold today, and I didn’t change colors. I stayed black, and Mom and Dad could find me just fine. behr-in-snow1r.jpgSee, you can see me ok in the snow, huh?

Also, it was 29 degrees and windy, and I was shivering, but I guess since my eyes are bigger than raindrops’ eyes, I could see okay. I didn’t have to call Mom and Dad different names, either. I’m glad we aren’t raindrops, oops, snowdrops, or whatever they’re called. me-and-dad-in-the-snowr.jpgHere’s a picture of me with Dad.

I got to run and play and roll in the snow. I even dug holes in it! behr-digging-in-snow.jpg

After a while, tho, I decided I was shivering too much and wanted to get back in the car. Ok, really I was afraid I would have to change my color or my name if I shivered too much, and I didn’t want to. Mom and Dad put me in the car, and I fell asleep really fast. behr-sleeping-in-the-car.jpgAll that running in the snow wore me out!

So, good news! My name will stay Behr Behr, and I’m not going to make myself white after all. I learned the trick….just jump back in the warm car. I wonder why the raindrops don’t just go somewhere warm like that? Silly raindrops. Um, I mean snow.

Hey, I wonder what I have to call them at night?

Behr Behr the black