I can’t decide what I like to play in best…dirt, snow, or water. They’re all so fun! Well, water would be better if I could dig in it, I guess.

I love the way the water feels when I zoom thru it. Check out the way my back feet are making a little wake in my path. Cool, huh? I’m on a mission here, very focused, and moving as fast as my little legs will carry me. I see some sticks up ahead, and I need to get to them!

Must bite sticks! Must bite sticks!

When we come in from playing hard, I usually crash. Mom says I only have 2 speeds: full speed ahead, and crashed. Sometimes Mom or Dad even cover me up with my blankie if I’m cold. Awwww. They’re so nice! What more could a puppy ask for?

Behr Behr the all terrain puppy 🙂