Ahhh, one of my favorite puppy sports…grass diving.

“Grass diving??” you say. Who’s ever heard of that?! Well, it’s kind of a secret past time of puppies. Usually we don’t let you see us doing it because we’re afraid you might tell us to stop or something. We never know, since so many other things that seem perfectly fine to us seem to get us in trouble, and we don’t want you to spoil this one.

It’s very simple, really. You just run and jump up in the air and dive down (face first) into the grass. You can try different variations for fun, tho. Sometimes I dive straight down and then roll onto my back. Other times I might do a flip when my head touches the grass, altho it occasionally turns out to be more of a sideways flop. I’m still a newbie at this sport, so I do lots of flops.:)

Why would anyone, dog or human, want to dive into grass?” I don’t know. Why do humans want to dive into water? Because it’s fun, right? Humans do funny things like climb up ladders with boards on top and then dive, or run and jump up and grab your legs (making a little ball) and hit the water. Sometimes you even dive backwards. I haven’t tried that one yet. Hmmmm.

I think puppies haven’t lost the ability to have fun, to run and jump and play freely. We enjoy every minute of our play. Most children have that same ability to enjoy life. Unfortunately, some puppies and children have been hurt so many times that they eventually close their heart down and a part of them dies inside. That is really unfortunate.

I haven’t been around very long yet, but I’ve begun to notice that some humans have lost the ability to be a puppy, um, I mean child. I think it’s sad when you are stuck being busy grown ups who have no time to play, like you hopefully did as a child. One of the reasons I like my dog blog friends, like Rusty and Jonesy and Amber Mae, is that they (and their parents), still have the creative heart of a child alive inside. That doesn’t make them any less of an adult, in fact, I think it’s a really healthy thing. (hope you guys don’t mind me mentioning you!) There’s something that makes you seem very much alive when you still have the ability to play. It doesn’t have to be helping your dog write their blog, it could be other things. It looks to me like the stresses of being and adult disappear for a while when adults can laugh and play. Be silly, be playful, and laugh…or maybe you could come to my house and dive in the grass with me!

♥ Behr Behr the playful puppy 🙂