Oh, so now we’re playing Blog tag. My blog friends, Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky ran up to me, tagged me, and ran off. Probably because my sheer size was intimidating to them 🙂 Well, now that I think about it, their pretty tough little guys who probably aren’t intimidated by much. I mean, who else had Ninja Chihuahuas? So maybe it was my strange “tape on the head” appearance. Believe me, I’m embarrassed about wearing things on my head too. Jonesy is so cool because he gets to wear costumes on his head. Oh, maybe that’s it!! Uh, let’s see now, the tape on my head is part of my “London Bridge” imitation, as mentioned by Frankie. Very funny. 🙂

SO, the Chihuahua commandos have decided that the game of tag we are playing is called the “Five Faves Meme.” Meme? Is that like singing, “me me me”? Ok, so I went to a site called the “daily meme” and found out that it’s pronounced in a way that rhymes with “dream”. The definition is too ridiculous for a little puppy like me to even understand, so mom said just answer the questions and tag someone else. I don’t even get to chase them down and play with them, either. Oh, whatever. Here we go:

Here are the rules: (for those I’m tagging…)

  • Post about the meme, linking to the person who tagged you. (√ check)
  • Go back through your archives and post links to your five favorite blog posts that you have written. (√ check)
  • Link One: must be about family
  • Link Two: must be about friends
  • Link Three: must be about yourself
  • Link Four: must be about something you love
  • Link Five: can be anything you choose
  • Tag five other people (at least two of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better). (√ check)
  • Let the person you tagged know they have been tagged by posting on their blog; You’ve been tagged-check my blog for details….or something like that. (√ check)
  • Readers..don’t forget to read these links/posts and leave comments. That’s how we get to know each other.

Ok, so the squirrel catching commandos are the rascals that tagged me.

Link One: My Family. This one requires 2 links, actually. The first is of my original family (the fur one) because we were so close. 🙂

And this one, because it was the day that it really sank in that my new mom and dad (the ones without fur) loved me and would really protect me. I can’t tell you what that does for my little heart. Well, I guess it makes me feel loved and very secure, that’s what. I knew I had a great home that day, for sure.

Link Two: Friends. Well, I’m not done with all of my Parvo shots yet, so I’m not playing with friends in my new home yet. I do miss my sister, tho. She was a great friend! I hope to hear from her new parents before long. (hint hint)

Link Three: About me. That’s easy, I’m a PUPPY PRINCESS!!!

Here’s another one.

Link Four: Something I love. EASY again. I LOVE to dig holes!! (dirt or snow) and bite sticks.

(I know, that was two links again. Hey, it’s hard to choose just one!! I love to play !!)

Link Five: Any subject. Ok, my fur mom was the best any puppy could possibly have.

And the five that I’m tagging are:


Frankie , a REAL snow dog!

Lorenza, best dressed dachshund in Mexico (and probably the U.S.!)

Thor, the golden Brazilian boy.

And Tuffy, the little chihuahua who wants to be president. Boy, you DO think big!

Whew!!! That was hard work!! I’m going to take a nap now.

♥ Behr Behr