The silly electric company turned off all the electricity to our neighborhood last night, so I couldn’t even get on the computer to write anything. It was totally dark for blocks around here. No phones, no internet, no lights, no nothing. BORING.

We had candles in the house, tho, and we just pretended that we were camping, whatever that is. I don’t even know what “camping” means yet, but that’s what mom said we were doing. At least I still had my food, so that was good. And I had a blankie to stay warm with, since it was in the 30’s outside. 🙂

Guess what? Since I’m totally black, when it’s that dark in the house no one can see me! I was in total stealth mode, he he he. Too bad they could hear me, or I would have gotten up in the middle of the night and gotten some more food. Darn.

♥ The stealth Behr hides again …