Today my mom and my human sister were shopping together and they found something I needed. Remember I said that I loved being a pampered puppy princess who has “day spa” days, but there was one little problem? I said, There’s only one little problem about the day spa. It washes my favorite smell out of my hair, unfortunately. This spa doesn’t seem to have that on hand, so I have to go get it again after each of my treatments. Not a big deal, really, just a minor inconvenience.

My favorite fragrance blend is “Eau de Dirt & Grass” because it has that refreshing, earthy, natural smell that I love.”

Well, good news! They found these colognes in my favorite scents!!! I was SO SURPRISED!!!! I’m not kidding, they really found these. Now I can have my spa treatments and finish up with that great grass and dirt scent. Actually, they found one I haven’t tried called “wet garden” too, but it sounds wonderful.

Now my spa days are complete, and I’m a happy puppy.

Behr Behr the beautiful.