This is one of my favorite toys to play with when I’m feeling rambunctious. It’s called the Orka Jack, not to be confused with the whale (Orca, or killer whale). I’m the one that kills things around here. Ok, so I only kill my toys. 🙂

So what’s so special about this toy? Well, for one thing, I haven’t torn it to shreds yet. That’s pretty amazing. There is a big pile of toys that I have destroyed now, but not this one! (or my hard Kong toys)


Best of all, tho, is that when my mom or dad throws it for me, it bounces WILDLY all over the place in crazy, random directions. I can never guess where it will go, and as soon as I catch up with it, it moves again. It’s really fun when they throw it with a little twist of the hand, ‘cause it does even more wild things. I can play with this thing non stop for a long time, and when I get tired, I lay down and chew away on it.


Unfortunately, my mom hasn’t been able to catch pictures of me racing around trying to catch this silly Orka yet because of the constant changes in directions as it bounces. Maybe someday. At least they get a lot of laughs in while watching me try to catch this silly jack.

I’m sure glad they got this jack for me, ‘cause it’s a killer toy!  🙂

♥ Behr Behr, destroyer of toys