You humans have a saying that’s right up my alley. “I’m so hungry, I could eat a cow.” That’s me, alright. Now we’re talkin’!! I do like veggies, too, tho, so throw lots of lettuce on that, will ya?

I am ALWAYS bugging my parents for food. Right now I eat 8 cups of food per day. I know you guys with smaller dogs will be stunned at that, but this little acorn is growing into a mighty oak tree, almost overnight. (plus I was becoming underweight with the giardia) The amount they’ re feeding me almost feels like a mere snack. I’d be more than happy to just eat all day long, but they hide the food in a locked cabinet. I wonder why they do that? I mean, it’s MY food, right? I don’t get it. I should be in charge of the silly food if it’s mine. Maybe they are sneaking my food and then claiming it’s me eating all of it. Yeah, that’s probably it. 🙂

This little acorn has gained 30 lbs. in 6 ½ weeks now. My mom just checked with the breeder to see if that was ok, and she said that obviously I was going to be a really big girl. I thought I was going to be an oak tree. Hmmmm.

Hey, let’s stop talking and bring on the cows. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I’m gonna “hoof it” into the kitchen and look for a snack. Or, how about “steering”
our car right on over to the Cow Palace? Mmmmmmoooooo. 🙂

♥Behr Behr the dairy queen.