Behr’s mom here. Conversation overheard in our yard today between Behr Behr and the neighbor’s dog, Wuki, (rhymes with cookie) thru the fence….

Behr: “Yeah, seriously, Wuki, a squirrel just ran thru here this morning that was THIS BIG (as she motions to Wuki…). Wuki, I mean it, the squirrel was bigger than you even!”


Wuki: “Behr Behr, why didn’t you catch him so we could have a new squeaky toy to play with?”

Behr: “Wuki, dude, calm down, would ja? This guy was faster than lightning. I’m sure I saw that “S” on his chest, too. You know, the one that Rusty was talking about? I think the squirrel was flying from tree to tree. No way I can catch ThAT critter! Come on, Wuki, let’s go practice flying.

Hmmmm. Dog tales!

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂