I’ve discovered a great game to play with my parents. It goes like this:

I feign being super thirsty so that they keep filling up my water dish. Of course, I have to actually drink a lot of the water to keep them fooled.

Then I ask to go out. They believe me, since they saw me drink all of that water.

Now that I have them outside with me, I go potty real quick so they don’t make me go back inside. Then I play and play and play a whole bunch. Yay! I got them to play outside again!!

Then when I come in, they give me the empty water container to play with for a while. I LOVE playing with these, since they make lots of noise and are crunchy!!

Unfortunately, just when I start to make some headway with the water jug and start to tear it apart, they take it away from me. Darn!

Then I feign being super thirsty …….and it starts all over again. I play this with them all day. They are still falling for it, and I get what I want. Fun game! Helps make sure your parents get their exercise, too!

Behr Behr the water buffalo