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Is spam real meat?  (um,that’s the subject of many debates)

Is spam mail ever real mail? (rarely!!)

My mom was going thru her e-mail today, and just randomly checked her spam folder to see if there happened to be any real mail in there. She very, very rarely ever even checks it before deleting everything in there. Gosh, she almost deleted a letter for me that was real!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your wonderful site was selected as the COOL DOG SITE OF THE DAY!



Congratulations!” selected your wonderful site

( Behr Rake’s blog )


“Cool DOG Site of the Day” on 2nd of March, 2008.

The site will be introduced on that day. Cool Dog Site of the Day” started in April 1996.

Visitors are from more than 68 countries around the world. Cool Dog Site of the Day” has received many awards and also has been featured in several magazines like “FIDO” in Sweden, ” DOG FANCY” in USA, and a book published in Taiwan introducing web pages of the world


That was pretty cool news, if I do say so myself. Even if I found out after it happened 🙂

I’m always happy to have new friends to visit with, and if any of you found me this way, WELCOME !! Glad you stopped by for a visit!

Speaking of spam, mom found out that there is actually a Spam Festival! Turns out it’s in Hawaii, where Dusty’s mom is from.

Hey Dusty, do you guys eat that stuff? (mom’s in the background making weird noises right now, and saying, “Ewwwww! Gross!)

Now, can I just try some of that spam stuff and I’ll let you know if it’s real meat or not?

Behr Behr, the REAL THING, for real :)




From the silly people at  🙂

It was just one of those days when Behr Behr was simply NOT in the mood to have her picture taken!!! Dusty’s mom and I decided to take a little hike with our fur kids recently, and she tried the whole hike long to get a picture of Behr Behr and Dusty together. So after about 50 failed photo attempts, we changed tactics and tried photos of little Behr and me together…again, with much resistance from Behr Behr. You can see from the few sample photos here that I am having to hold Behr’s face and turn it toward the camera in each photo. I didn’t want to totally bore you with ALL the photos, but you get the point from these.



Usually Behr Behr is a bit of a ham and I can get lots of cute photos of her, but not this day. Finally, when we got back to our cars, Dusty’s mom got this photo of them in the same basic area at least. We were happy with that at this point, even if it wasn’t the greatest.finally-behr-and-dusty.jpg

I was a little frustrated, since it was such a beautiful day and it would have been fun to have some cute photos of our fur friends together out playing on their hike. Wasn’t going to happen. Oh well.

Then on the drive home, poor little Behr Behr threw up in the car, (fortunately on the waterproof seat cover she was on!) and I understood what she had been trying to tell me all day. “Mom, I’m just not in the mood for photos ‘cause I don’t feel good.” Great. Then I felt really bad for trying to make her endure an endless photo shoot that she didn’t want to participate in that day. Actually, I felt terrible.

Reminds me of a story I heard about a guy who got on the subway, desiring a peaceful ride to his destination. Instead, there were two small boys who were totally out of control and crying and yelling, etc. He wondered, “Where are their parents?! He was going to let them know just how it irritated him that the kids were doing this. Finally, he saw a man that appeared to be their dad sitting with his head down, staring at the floor, oblivious to his kids and their behavior. He went over and said, `Sir, your children are really disturbing a lot of people. I wonder if you could control them a little more?’ The man lifted his gaze as if to come to a consciousness of the situation for the first time and said softly: `Oh, you’re right. I guess I should do something about it. We just came from the hospital where their mother died about an hour ago. I don’t know what to think, and I guess they don’t know how to handle it either.’ “

The kids had no grid for dealing with their pain, and dad was overwhelmed with his own. Suddenly, their behavior didn’t seem so annoying anymore. What changed? Only the understanding that there was a genuine reason for their “out of control” behavior.

With people, I can go back and say, “I’m so sorry. You were trying to let me know something was wrong, and I missed your cues.. Forgive me for putting you thru that.” But how could I ever communicate this to my puppy? Sometimes I tend to miss the small cues or maybe the minor hesitation that people, and my puppy, try to send me to say, “I’m just not comfortable with…” I have had to backtrack too many times to apologize and help to repair any breach that I was forming by missing the cues. That’s especially easy with people who are too shy to speak up about the things they are uncomfortable with/unhappy with, etc. My sweet little puppy had no way to even tell me, other than her hesitation to be a ham for the camera.

I think her little feelings have been healed now, after I gave her lots of attention, cuddling and love. I took her home, tucked her in her bed, covered up and toasty warm. She was stuck with a bland diet for a day or two, and then was back to her usual self. Turns out a new medication she was on was causing her to be sick. She’s no longer on the meds, so she’s her usual happy self…

…And hopefully, I’m a better person for the reminder to pay attention to small clues, in both her and people around me.

Behr Behr’s mom


A few days ago, I was reading Kathryn’s blog, 4urpets, where she mentioned the funny ways people had found her blog. Got my curiosity up, so I checked Behr’s blog to see the full list of search terms people had used when they found us. Behr Behr and I had to laugh at some of the ways people ended up on her blog!!! I wonder what they thought when they saw that it was a puppy blog? 🙂

Take a look at actual search terms used to find Behr Behr:

Dogs – OK, so that’s pretty general! I typed “dogs” into Google search, and it brings up 210,000,000 results, and they somehow choose my little Behr Behr’s blog! I feel honored. What’s even more amazing is that that term landed someone on her blog 3 times! What are the odds?????!

You Bet Your Fur – I can just picture someone walking into a gambling casino and plopping down a handful of fur, waiting for their turn at blackjack. I have no idea how Google connected that one to us.

Outside Water Games – Much less messy than the inside ones. Behr’s never gotten to play any, either way.

Dog’s Thumb – Something handy for dogs to have when they need to hitchhike somewhere. I do actually understand how that one connected us, tho, since Behr went thru a phase of sucking on her tail, and I did mention the word thumb in the post.

Princess Rides – She’s not big enough to give those yet, ‘cause she’s still a little puppy princess.

Behr Mine – No, actually she’s not yours. She’s all ours, and we like it that way.

Sissy Spa – Must have gotten us confused with Sissy over at 4urpets. I guess the person was trying to clarify that they didn’t want a manly spa or something.

Fix Flying Ears Dog – Yep, that’s a good idea so they don’t fly away. That’s why we cropped Behr Behr’s ears. Kinda like clipping the wings of a bird, you know? Nothing like a great dane that keeps flying out of the yard.

Golden Days Doggie Day Spa – Sounds like a great place for senior dogs!

My Parents Make Me Fat – First of all, I checked with Behr Behr and she doesn’t feel that way, and she never said that. Sounds like a personal problem. Regardless, reading a puppy’s blog is a great substitute for eating, so I’m glad we could help.

Mom Oops – It’s okay honey, I understand you made a boo boo. Thanks for apologizing.

Behr Grass – Becomes BARE grass after she gets a hold of it. It’s that digging thing of hers.

Bunch Rake Pictures – After we all finish raking the leaves, we take a pictures of the whole bunch of us together, holding our rakes. Behr included. It’s a Saturday ritual. NOT.

Who is a Nun? – I wonder what they thought when they found out that Behr is …”flying none”. Especially since we clipped those ears and grounded her.

Help with Great Danes Ears Falling – Each one cries, “Help I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” (for those readers not in the US, those are the words of a commercial on TV over here)

Funny Picture with Boxer Dog Pulling Someone – Hmmm. No boxers around here. Now I want to see the picture they were looking for.

Ear Taping Chihuahua –It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….a… Chihuahua??? Gosh, I can’t imagine trying to tape ears that small. I guess they fly away too.

And one of my favorites…

Hitting My Head with a Rake Picture – Hopefully they don’t have a big heavy frame on that thing. Go knock yourself out, buddy. Maybe even try a bunch rake picture for fun.

So, what terms have people found you with???


Behr Behr’s mom and typist 🙂

Oh no!! Something scary started happening to me this week. I’m 4 ½ months old now, and everything’s been working just fine in my mouth. I’ve got great teeth to woof down my food with, bite sticks with, and shred my toys. Until now, that is.

I was happily chewing on my cow toy, when suddenly I got a sharp pain in my mouth. When I looked down, there was blood all over my nice white cow. I guess I bit him so hard my tooth came out. Yikes! Then before I knew it, 2 more came out. OH NO!!! How will I ever eat all my food now? This is terrible! I can’t even tear up my toys in this newly disabled state. No biting sticks, either. I feel helpless.

Mom came over and saw the mess and pet me and told me I would be ok. She’s always so nice and helps me thru the scary things that happen. What a nice mom. (Of course, she’s smiling right now because I just asked her to type that for me. I know how to keep those snacks coming.)

Then she said she had a surprise for me. Surprise?! Who can think of surprises at a time like this!!!? I mean, my teeth are falling out, for goodness sakes!

She brought me this interesting bone that was ice cold.


Hmmm. I’m not so sure about this one. I barked at it to let her know I thought she had lost it this time. After a while, tho, I decided that maybe I’d try to bite it, and discovered it felt great!!!


Guess what? It tasted like chicken broth, too! NOW we’re talkin’ mom! You’re the best!!!


The more I bit this bone, the better it tasted.

I’m thinking this will be great on hot days. Mom’s thinking it keeps me occupied for quite a while. 🙂 Good stuff.



Maybe you should tell your moms to get you one too! 🙂 Hurry, before hot weather gets here. Tell her Behr Behr said so. That should help 🙂 (or maybe some other toy like it that would be great for summer)


Behr Behr, feeling toothless at the moment. 🙂

P.S.- mom took these photos right before the one with my new harness, which is when the camera decided to die. Hopefully she gets it fixed soon to finish the harness photos.

(addendum from Behr’s mom….if you do get one of these, give it to them outside! It releases the liquid you froze so that it tastes good to the dog!!!)


This is Frankie. She’s a gorgeous Husky who lives in Canada, with her wonderful human family. Lucky girl, that Frankie.



Frankie’s parents bought her a really cool pink harness/vest to wear, but it didn’t fit her quite right ‘cause it was a little big on her. Frankie and her mom decided that since I, Behr Behr love to wear pink (being the princess that I am), and would certainly grow into this vest, that they would pass it on to me. WOW!!!!!! I can’t tell you how EXCITED I was to be getting this beautiful pink (princess) harness!!! Frankie and her mom mailed the vest all the way from Canada to California, just for me. Boy did THAT make me feel loved and special!!! Frankie’s mom said that passing things on like this to other puppies is called, “Pawing it Forward.” How cool is that?! Puppies who care about each other and share their toys and stuff.

I walked with my mom to the mailbox almost every day, just to see if my package had arrived. When it did, mom and I opened it and tried it on. I felt beautiful in it, altho I don’t think I’m as pretty as Frankie. She’s got really pretty hair and eyes, and it did look lovely on her. Frankie even wrote me a letter, complete with pictures. I sniffed the letter and the harness, and could tell I liked her a lot. It’s really a shame we can’t play together, but we live really far apart.

Anyhow, today my mom was trying to take photos of me in the vest, along with the letter from my friend Frankie. That’s when mom’s camera decided to die. It was already taking photos of me with funny purple in it (and I’m NOT purple!) All she got was a photo of my dad trying to get me to sit down with my new harness on, but I didn’t even look at the camera ‘cause it was a practice photo for the lighting adjustments. As it is, the colors are off in this photo too. We didn’t get the front shots, the letter, or anything. Dumb camera!




I wanted to post the only photo I have, and when mom gets the camera fixed we’ll have to post more. Soooo, here I am in my “princess harness” from my friend Frankie. By the way, it also matches other princess stuff I have. I’ll have to get photos of how well it all matches.

Maybe you can visit Frankie’s blog and read all about her. You’ll love her blog! I sure do.

Also, maybe you can follow Frankie’s incredibly generous example and paw something forward to a new friend. If you did, why not let me know what cool gift you passed on so others can see what you did? Maybe we should have a “Paw it Forward for other puppies party”  🙂

Behr Behr, harnessing the power of pink




This is my cousin, Zeus.


When Zeus was just a puppy, his owner dropped him off “for the weekend” a place that is a doggy hotel/kennel. It’s where dogs go while their parents are on vacation. The owner said Zeus was a mean puppy, so he stayed in a cage and watched all the other dogs come and go. The weekend came and went, but his owner never came back for him. How sad is that?! Anyhow, poor Zeus stayed in a cage for 4 years. Usually this dog place is able to find homes for the dogs that have this happen, but no one wanted Zeus. 😦

He didn’t have a family to play with. He didn’t get to go on vacations, or rides in the car. He didn’t get any birthday or Christmas presents. He didn’t get any toys or bones. He didn’t have a family to love him. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zeus had a broken doggie heart that was very sad indeed.

Then one day, a beautiful young lady (who is a princess to Zeus!!) came to work for this dog hotel. It didn’t take long before she noticed Zeus, and started to befriend him. She took him out for walks and played with him. After a while, she got permission to bring him to her house to see how he would behave in a house. It went well. So, this beautiful princess and her prince (my human mom’s son and daughter-in-law) moved to a place that would be just right for having a dog, and they adopted Zeus.

Poor guy. Everything was new to him, and scary to him. Eventually, he realized life was not only safe for him in his new home, but really, really good. He got lots of toys and a soft bed. He got snacks and tons of attention. He got to go on vacations and lots of fun places. He learned LOTS of amazing tricks, and I mean LOTS! Zeus is really smart. He’s also extremely gentle and loving. Isn’t he pretty?






By the way, Zeus’ grandma (my human mom) and I think Zeus’ mom is a princess too (and her hubby is a prince). 🙂





Behr Behr

Yay!! The city we live in just opened it’s first dog park, and just after I finished my puppy shots. Good timing! Mom and Dad took me over there to check it out. Since they have separate park sections for big dogs, that’s where I went. I was scared of all the big dogs running around and barking, so I stayed glued to Mom and Dad and my cousins (both human and fur).

Finally, someone my size came over to meet me, and we quickly became good friends! This is Butch and me. He’s a full grown boxer. Gives you an idea what my size is at 17 weeks.







At least Butch didn’t laugh at my flying nun ears. In fact, his looked pretty silly sometimes, too. 🙂



We raced around a whole bunch. Wow! The rules are different here, and I’m actually allowed to bite!

Help, Dad! Butch is biting my face!!!







I think I’m going to have to keep coming to this park so I can play rough and run without being tied to my parents with that silly leash of theirs. My kind of place

Behr Behr


Here’s what it looks like when I take my mom or dad for a walk. It only takes one of me to do this, tho, not several dogs like in the picture. I guess I’m pretty strong, huh?  Yeee Ha!!

♥ Behr Behr 🙂


Note from BB’s mom: Ok, so BB thinks this is funny. We’re not the ones

laughing here. She weighs 60 pounds now (at 18 weeks), and can drag us when she takes off!!

This is an ad for a dog walking company in Buenos Aires, by the way.  Maybe they’d like to come up  here and take her for a walk 🙂




Well, since it’s a bit embarrassing to be looking like the flying nun, I
decided that I should go incognito whenever I’m out in public. For the time being, I’ll just have to wear my shades.  Only my closest
of friends (like you) will know my true identity.  It’s me, the puppy princess, and NO, I’m not the flying nun! 


Shhhhhh.  Don’t tell anybody it’s me, tho,  Ok?  Only you and I know my real identity.  The rest of the world can keep on thinking I’m that silly flying nun.


Behr Behr, the puppy princess, incognito.  Shhhhh.



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