Yay!! The city we live in just opened it’s first dog park, and just after I finished my puppy shots. Good timing! Mom and Dad took me over there to check it out. Since they have separate park sections for big dogs, that’s where I went. I was scared of all the big dogs running around and barking, so I stayed glued to Mom and Dad and my cousins (both human and fur).

Finally, someone my size came over to meet me, and we quickly became good friends! This is Butch and me. He’s a full grown boxer. Gives you an idea what my size is at 17 weeks.







At least Butch didn’t laugh at my flying nun ears. In fact, his looked pretty silly sometimes, too. 🙂



We raced around a whole bunch. Wow! The rules are different here, and I’m actually allowed to bite!

Help, Dad! Butch is biting my face!!!







I think I’m going to have to keep coming to this park so I can play rough and run without being tied to my parents with that silly leash of theirs. My kind of place

Behr Behr