This is my cousin, Zeus.


When Zeus was just a puppy, his owner dropped him off “for the weekend” a place that is a doggy hotel/kennel. It’s where dogs go while their parents are on vacation. The owner said Zeus was a mean puppy, so he stayed in a cage and watched all the other dogs come and go. The weekend came and went, but his owner never came back for him. How sad is that?! Anyhow, poor Zeus stayed in a cage for 4 years. Usually this dog place is able to find homes for the dogs that have this happen, but no one wanted Zeus. 😦

He didn’t have a family to play with. He didn’t get to go on vacations, or rides in the car. He didn’t get any birthday or Christmas presents. He didn’t get any toys or bones. He didn’t have a family to love him. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zeus had a broken doggie heart that was very sad indeed.

Then one day, a beautiful young lady (who is a princess to Zeus!!) came to work for this dog hotel. It didn’t take long before she noticed Zeus, and started to befriend him. She took him out for walks and played with him. After a while, she got permission to bring him to her house to see how he would behave in a house. It went well. So, this beautiful princess and her prince (my human mom’s son and daughter-in-law) moved to a place that would be just right for having a dog, and they adopted Zeus.

Poor guy. Everything was new to him, and scary to him. Eventually, he realized life was not only safe for him in his new home, but really, really good. He got lots of toys and a soft bed. He got snacks and tons of attention. He got to go on vacations and lots of fun places. He learned LOTS of amazing tricks, and I mean LOTS! Zeus is really smart. He’s also extremely gentle and loving. Isn’t he pretty?






By the way, Zeus’ grandma (my human mom) and I think Zeus’ mom is a princess too (and her hubby is a prince). 🙂





Behr Behr