Oh no!! Something scary started happening to me this week. I’m 4 ½ months old now, and everything’s been working just fine in my mouth. I’ve got great teeth to woof down my food with, bite sticks with, and shred my toys. Until now, that is.

I was happily chewing on my cow toy, when suddenly I got a sharp pain in my mouth. When I looked down, there was blood all over my nice white cow. I guess I bit him so hard my tooth came out. Yikes! Then before I knew it, 2 more came out. OH NO!!! How will I ever eat all my food now? This is terrible! I can’t even tear up my toys in this newly disabled state. No biting sticks, either. I feel helpless.

Mom came over and saw the mess and pet me and told me I would be ok. She’s always so nice and helps me thru the scary things that happen. What a nice mom. (Of course, she’s smiling right now because I just asked her to type that for me. I know how to keep those snacks coming.)

Then she said she had a surprise for me. Surprise?! Who can think of surprises at a time like this!!!? I mean, my teeth are falling out, for goodness sakes!

She brought me this interesting bone that was ice cold.


Hmmm. I’m not so sure about this one. I barked at it to let her know I thought she had lost it this time. After a while, tho, I decided that maybe I’d try to bite it, and discovered it felt great!!!


Guess what? It tasted like chicken broth, too! NOW we’re talkin’ mom! You’re the best!!!


The more I bit this bone, the better it tasted.

I’m thinking this will be great on hot days. Mom’s thinking it keeps me occupied for quite a while. 🙂 Good stuff.



Maybe you should tell your moms to get you one too! 🙂 Hurry, before hot weather gets here. Tell her Behr Behr said so. That should help 🙂 (or maybe some other toy like it that would be great for summer)


Behr Behr, feeling toothless at the moment. 🙂

P.S.- mom took these photos right before the one with my new harness, which is when the camera decided to die. Hopefully she gets it fixed soon to finish the harness photos.

(addendum from Behr’s mom….if you do get one of these, give it to them outside! It releases the liquid you froze so that it tastes good to the dog!!!)