Is spam real meat?  (um,that’s the subject of many debates)

Is spam mail ever real mail? (rarely!!)

My mom was going thru her e-mail today, and just randomly checked her spam folder to see if there happened to be any real mail in there. She very, very rarely ever even checks it before deleting everything in there. Gosh, she almost deleted a letter for me that was real!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your wonderful site was selected as the COOL DOG SITE OF THE DAY!



Congratulations!” selected your wonderful site

( Behr Rake’s blog )


“Cool DOG Site of the Day” on 2nd of March, 2008.

The site will be introduced on that day. Cool Dog Site of the Day” started in April 1996.

Visitors are from more than 68 countries around the world. Cool Dog Site of the Day” has received many awards and also has been featured in several magazines like “FIDO” in Sweden, ” DOG FANCY” in USA, and a book published in Taiwan introducing web pages of the world


That was pretty cool news, if I do say so myself. Even if I found out after it happened 🙂

I’m always happy to have new friends to visit with, and if any of you found me this way, WELCOME !! Glad you stopped by for a visit!

Speaking of spam, mom found out that there is actually a Spam Festival! Turns out it’s in Hawaii, where Dusty’s mom is from.

Hey Dusty, do you guys eat that stuff? (mom’s in the background making weird noises right now, and saying, “Ewwwww! Gross!)

Now, can I just try some of that spam stuff and I’ll let you know if it’s real meat or not?

Behr Behr, the REAL THING, for real :)