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This Saturday, April 26th, I turned 6 months old. Yay!

To celebrate, Mom and I were going to have a day together outside, complete with photos with her new camera Dad got as a surprise for her. I was pretty excited, since mom hadn’t been feeling well for a while and I missed playing outside with her and going for hikes and stuff. Besides that, I feel real important, like a movie star or something when she takes lots of photos of me. She even had some fun things to dress me up with, like cool princess things

So, Dad went out of town to have breakfast with friends and mom fixed my breakfast. Yum. When they fix my food, I sometimes sit at the edge of the kitchen and drool even, ‘cause I can hardly wait for my “foodies.” As usual, I woofed my “foodies” down in a matter of seconds, even tho they do funny things to me, like putting a big chain in my bowl to try to slow me down. They’re so silly. After I eat, they have another silly rule that I have to go to my crate and take a little nap and not run around. When I wake up, then we can play.

Well, it was my special day, and I was super excited, so after eating, I got a sudden case of the “zoomies” and raced around the house until mom tackled me and put me in my crate. Darn. I decided that I was a big girl now and didn’t need a nap, so I started playing in my crate…jumping and rolling around. I was having a little party in my crate! Mom caught me and made me stop. Darn again.

A few minutes later, something bad started to happen to my tummy. I got super sick and started throwing up, and then it got worse….I don’t remember what happened then. Mom said she grabbed me out of my crate and I was drooling, unable to stand, and had diarrhea. She called the emergency animal hospital told them she was bringing me in. I guess the doctor said it was really bad, and they were going to have to do surgery. Poor mom was in the waiting room crying, calling Dad, and praying I would survive. Miraculously, right before surgery, my stomach apparently untwisted and I became instantly better!!!! I guess her prayers were answered, and everyone was real surprised!!! You should have seen mom’s face when I came walking out with the vet! When I got to go home, they told her I had to lie down quietly for 3 days and eat a bland diet and take some medicine. I have to tell you, tho, this REALLY scared me a whole bunch. I don’t even TRY to run around anymore. I’m really good and just go straight to my crate for my nap, no tossing and turning, no protesting. I’m just glad to be alive right now. I’ve really settled down a lot since “The Big Scare”, too.

I did still get my new leopard toy for my 6 month birthday. Mom took some pictures of me with it for you.

She also found a really funny dish called the “Slow Down Dish” that I have to eat out of now. It’s like a weird maze, and I have to work hard at getting my food out of it. I eat REALLY SLOWWWWWLY now.

So, that’s how I celebrated my 6 month birthday. Not what we had in mind, but I’ve learned my lesson, believe me. I’m just happy to still be here with my Mom and Dad, and to be in a home where I’m loved, in spite of the things I seem to get myself into. Mom says we probably make our vet’s mortgage payment, whatever that means. Glad we can help the vet out. So, hopefully Mom and I can still have that special play time one day soon. Sorry Mom and Dad for worrying you, and honest, I’ll really try to be a good girl when I eat now. I love you both 🙂

♥ Behr Behr

PS from Behrs mom: Gastric torsion kills almost 40% of the dogs who get it, and very quickly. We are most fortunate to still have our little Behr Behr. Again. We are also very happy that after having her only a few days (and seeing how rambunctious she is) we decided to buy pet insurance for the very first time. We send our claim forms to them in bunches, overwhelming the poor agent handling our claims. This whole incident seems to have settled her down quite a bit, tho. Its like she has a whole new respect for life.

As a side note, her brother, Legacy, was at his first show the same day (with her sister, Fame). In between shows, he vomited 2 entire rope toys that his mom didnt even know he had eaten, whole, and shes a veterinarian. (and the breeder we got Behr from) She was thankful she didnt have to do surgery on him on the same day as Behr almost had to have surgery. Wild bunch of pups, needless to say!! 🙂


Just wondering….is anybody else out there having LOTS of trouble with WordPress lately, or is it just me???? I can’t even write a post in WORD (with cute fonts..) and post it into WP. In fact, almost nothing seems to work right anymore. No response from WP support….

Hey, do you remember my post about the Hover dogs ? Well, those guys I can understand. They look like pretty athletic dogs, you know?

Even this one….


(source – Icanhashotdog)

You have to admit, he does look an awfully LOT like Falcor from “The Neverending Story”. (mom thought that was a cool movie)

But this is pushing it.

(source: Icanhascheeseburger)

A hovering Rhino !!?!??! I don’t think so. He’s waaaaaaaay too heavy; even I know that! Besides, I don’t know if they can even run fast enough to get up the speed to take off and fly like that.


“Tower to Falcor cub 777, you’re following a 757 Rhino heavy into LAX, wind speed 330 at 6”

“Falcor cub 777, you are cleared to land, runway 7L/ 25R.Caution: wake turbulence.”

“Falcor cub 777 here. Roger that, cleared to land 7L/25R. We see the traffic.”

“Great. Maintain visual separation with Rhino air traffic ahead of you”

“Excuse me….tower??”

“LAX Tower here. Did you have a question Falcor cub 777?”

“Roger that, tower. Did you say, RHINO heavy air traffic ahead with wake turbulence?????!!”

(note: if there happen to be any pilots reading this, please excuse any inaccuracies. I’m not a commercial pilot…I’m a great dane puppy who’s still learning to walk, much less fly) 🙂

♥ Behr Behr – grounded till I learn to hover…altho, I did try before they clipped my wings

OK, so here’s something I don’t understand.

It looks to me like things that are shredded are more useful and fun than they were before they were shredded. Take these, for example.

Shredded woodpeople put this stuff in their gardens. I’ve seen this when we are on our walkies.

Shredded tissue papergreat for putting in gift baskets. Mom uses this stuff when she makes baskets as gifts for her friends. Everyone says, “Ooh, how pretty” when she uses it.

Shredded documentsmy parents shred EVERYTHING. Every piece of mail with their name on it, bank stuff, old records, etc. I guess it helps prevent people stealing their names out of the mail (identity theft), which happens around here.

Shredded wheatgreat cereal, pretty good for you, too, I hear. I don’t get any, tho.

Shredded carrotseven tho I prefer mine in chunks, people seem to like them this way.  On second thought, they do look like little sticks, which I do like.  Maybe I should ask mom to let me try my carrots shredded.  Yum. Orange colored sticks.

Shredded cheeselooks cool on food. I’m not allowed to eat it, but I think it smells good.

My parents use lots of shredded stuff around here. I know, because I’ve been busy watching them. Not only that, but they seem to like all of their shredded stuff a lot.

So, when I shred all of the beds they get me, or even the rugs, why do I get in trouble? Gosh, it takes me a lot of time and effort to get them just the way I like them, and then my mom and dad take them away from me. It’s just not fair !!!

Look at these photos. The one with the blue foam is me admiring my handiwork after shredding the foam in my latest bed. Mom was picking it up and putting it in a box to throw away. How sad to see it go.

Then they sneak up on me at night and interfere with me shredding the rug. I was doing it at night while I thought they were asleep because I didn’t want them to catch me and take it away. Darn. So, like, what are they doing up sneaking around with that silly camera in the middle of the night anyhow??? Does that seem like normal behavior to you? Not to me. Everything would have been fine if they had stayed in their own beds like they are supposed to.

Behr Behr, the stealth shredder

My Blog Is Rated EXCELLENT!

I’m honored! What started as an accidental blog (long story for another post) has grown into one with lots of daily readers. Still amazes me that this all happened, but it’s been fun. I’ve really enjoyed all of the new friends that I’ve met through blogging, too!!

THANK YOU, Kathyrn at Empty Nest for surprising me with this award! I accept it, humbly, but happily. Like, my tail is wagging a bunch right now, in other words. Do I get a snack for being good too?

In order for me to accept this award, there are some rules, listed below:

  • By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy.
  • You can give the award to more people, but please award at least 10.
  • Link back to the person who gave you this award.

I would like to give the Excellent Blog Award to my blog friends that I feel that deserve this. There are so many great dog blogs out there now that it’s hard to choose who to pass the honor to.

Drum roll please….

So here they are:

Chelsea, of New South Wales – I’m especially fond of your blog because you are almost the same age, and also a little Dane girl like me. It’s fun to hear about all of your hiking/exploring adventures! I love your “Drama Queen” dog tag, too.

Franki V – Beautiful husky girl with great taste in clothing 🙂 I can totally relate to your fascination with digging, too. In that respect, we are like sisters!

Willow – The rest of the gang at Zoo Crew already got awarded this recently, but I want this one to go to the newest crew member, Willow. She’s only a few weeks old and already famous! Great video of her posted recently. Can’t wait for her to move to her new home so we can watch her grow and get into mischief like the rest of the “kids”. 🙂

Lorenza – This little Doxie girl has more clothes than I do!! What a model, too! She’s always up to something, and her blog is fun to follow.

Rusty – The squirrel chasing, duck hunting “great Yorkie”. His mom takes the best photos of him, catching all of his funny adventures on film for the rest of the world to see. Outstanding!

Max – One of my newest friends. He’s definitely got a way with words! So funny, as he describes his thoughts as he encounters new adventures in life. Now we can know what goes on in the mind of a Golden 🙂

Amber Mae – This girl has more exciting adventures than any dog I have ever seen, and has the photos to prove it!!! She’s smart, accomplished, funny, and beautiful.

Dennis – Has his own diary of things he’s destroyed. Yikes! This poor guy was found wandering in a canyon, in very poor health. kudos for the nice people who have taken him in and given him back his health and his own blog!

Bu Ok, his real name is Bugenhagen the Great. Bu is a merle colored dane boy who just had his first birthday. Yay Bu.

Savage – AKA Savvy. Savvy’s mom doesn’t know this, but my mom’s been reading his blog for a long time. Way before she got me, even. She was looking for a blue male when she found me and fell in love with me instead. Boy am I glad!!!! Savvy gets to ride on snowmobiles!! 🙂


♥ little Behr Behr 🙂


(photo source:

Hey Jonesy, AKA “Dog, the Gopher Hunter”, just wanted to let you know I have help on the way. Poor Rusty has the ongoing battle with the squirrels, and now you have the gophers ganging up on you. It’s the least I could do. I mean, we’re practically neighbors, and it’s easy for me to call in reinforcements for you.

Watch out for Jabba da Gopher.militia-gopher.jpg

(photo source:

I hear from my spies that have reported back to me that he’s the “head honcho” for the attack on your yard. How dare he try to assault YOUR territory like he and his underground friends own it!!

Not to worry, Jonesy, the Knights of Chihuahua are on their way!!!


(photo source:

I have to tell you, tho, that when they got wind of the help that’s on the way to your house, they were doing some serious talking to the big gopher in the sky!


(photo source:

They are afraid of you, Jonesey, and they are trembling in their underground caverns about the Knights of Chihuahua who are coming to assist you. Hang in there, help is on the way. You are, after all, Dog, THE Gopher Hunter, and you always win. Gotta collect that reward, you know?

♥Behr Behr, leading the way for the reinforcements

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