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Hey Jonesy, AKA “Dog, the Gopher Hunter”, just wanted to let you know I have help on the way. Poor Rusty has the ongoing battle with the squirrels, and now you have the gophers ganging up on you. It’s the least I could do. I mean, we’re practically neighbors, and it’s easy for me to call in reinforcements for you.

Watch out for Jabba da Gopher.militia-gopher.jpg

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I hear from my spies that have reported back to me that he’s the “head honcho” for the attack on your yard. How dare he try to assault YOUR territory like he and his underground friends own it!!

Not to worry, Jonesy, the Knights of Chihuahua are on their way!!!


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I have to tell you, tho, that when they got wind of the help that’s on the way to your house, they were doing some serious talking to the big gopher in the sky!


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They are afraid of you, Jonesey, and they are trembling in their underground caverns about the Knights of Chihuahua who are coming to assist you. Hang in there, help is on the way. You are, after all, Dog, THE Gopher Hunter, and you always win. Gotta collect that reward, you know?

♥Behr Behr, leading the way for the reinforcements