My Blog Is Rated EXCELLENT!

I’m honored! What started as an accidental blog (long story for another post) has grown into one with lots of daily readers. Still amazes me that this all happened, but it’s been fun. I’ve really enjoyed all of the new friends that I’ve met through blogging, too!!

THANK YOU, Kathyrn at Empty Nest for surprising me with this award! I accept it, humbly, but happily. Like, my tail is wagging a bunch right now, in other words. Do I get a snack for being good too?

In order for me to accept this award, there are some rules, listed below:

  • By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy.
  • You can give the award to more people, but please award at least 10.
  • Link back to the person who gave you this award.

I would like to give the Excellent Blog Award to my blog friends that I feel that deserve this. There are so many great dog blogs out there now that it’s hard to choose who to pass the honor to.

Drum roll please….

So here they are:

Chelsea, of New South Wales – I’m especially fond of your blog because you are almost the same age, and also a little Dane girl like me. It’s fun to hear about all of your hiking/exploring adventures! I love your “Drama Queen” dog tag, too.

Franki V – Beautiful husky girl with great taste in clothing 🙂 I can totally relate to your fascination with digging, too. In that respect, we are like sisters!

Willow – The rest of the gang at Zoo Crew already got awarded this recently, but I want this one to go to the newest crew member, Willow. She’s only a few weeks old and already famous! Great video of her posted recently. Can’t wait for her to move to her new home so we can watch her grow and get into mischief like the rest of the “kids”. 🙂

Lorenza – This little Doxie girl has more clothes than I do!! What a model, too! She’s always up to something, and her blog is fun to follow.

Rusty – The squirrel chasing, duck hunting “great Yorkie”. His mom takes the best photos of him, catching all of his funny adventures on film for the rest of the world to see. Outstanding!

Max – One of my newest friends. He’s definitely got a way with words! So funny, as he describes his thoughts as he encounters new adventures in life. Now we can know what goes on in the mind of a Golden 🙂

Amber Mae – This girl has more exciting adventures than any dog I have ever seen, and has the photos to prove it!!! She’s smart, accomplished, funny, and beautiful.

Dennis – Has his own diary of things he’s destroyed. Yikes! This poor guy was found wandering in a canyon, in very poor health. kudos for the nice people who have taken him in and given him back his health and his own blog!

Bu Ok, his real name is Bugenhagen the Great. Bu is a merle colored dane boy who just had his first birthday. Yay Bu.

Savage – AKA Savvy. Savvy’s mom doesn’t know this, but my mom’s been reading his blog for a long time. Way before she got me, even. She was looking for a blue male when she found me and fell in love with me instead. Boy am I glad!!!! Savvy gets to ride on snowmobiles!! 🙂


♥ little Behr Behr 🙂