Hey, do you remember my post about the Hover dogs ? Well, those guys I can understand. They look like pretty athletic dogs, you know?

Even this one….


(source – Icanhashotdog)

You have to admit, he does look an awfully LOT like Falcor from “The Neverending Story”. (mom thought that was a cool movie)

But this is pushing it.

(source: Icanhascheeseburger)

A hovering Rhino !!?!??! I don’t think so. He’s waaaaaaaay too heavy; even I know that! Besides, I don’t know if they can even run fast enough to get up the speed to take off and fly like that.


“Tower to Falcor cub 777, you’re following a 757 Rhino heavy into LAX, wind speed 330 at 6”

“Falcor cub 777, you are cleared to land, runway 7L/ 25R.Caution: wake turbulence.”

“Falcor cub 777 here. Roger that, cleared to land 7L/25R. We see the traffic.”

“Great. Maintain visual separation with Rhino air traffic ahead of you”

“Excuse me….tower??”

“LAX Tower here. Did you have a question Falcor cub 777?”

“Roger that, tower. Did you say, RHINO heavy air traffic ahead with wake turbulence?????!!”

(note: if there happen to be any pilots reading this, please excuse any inaccuracies. I’m not a commercial pilot…I’m a great dane puppy who’s still learning to walk, much less fly) 🙂

♥ Behr Behr – grounded till I learn to hover…altho, I did try before they clipped my wings