Greetings from the BEAR REFUGE.

In case you didn’t know, my name, Behr, is German for “little bear”. Hmmmm. I’m growing up into a big bear someday, so I sure hope they don’t change my name when I’m not little anymore! I try real hard to live up to the name “bear”, too! Grrrrrrr.

I’ve been really, really bored lately. I haven’t really done any fun things to write about, either, although Mom and Dad are supposed to take me somewhere with LOTS and LOTS of great danes tomorrow. Yippeeee! We are going to a really big dog show that is only for great danes, although I’m not going to be in it myself. I will get to hang out and hopefully meet lots of other danes and see what it’s like to be at a show, tho. Mom and Dad put my showing on hold for a while until the vets finish running tests on me. I sure hope they don’t find any thing really wrong, tho, and that I can go back to playing and having a normal puppy life soon. More on that when I find out.

SO, meanwhile, I’m having to “rest more”, which in puppy language means other than walkies, I’m just hanging around the house totally bored silly. Mom said our home was a bear refuge for now. I had to look up the word “refuge” ‘cause it was a new word for me. I guess a refuge is a place where wild animals live to stay protected from any danger or stressful things. I take that as a compliment, being called a “wild animal”, that is, so I guess a bear refuge is a good thing. Well, at least for a little while.

I’ve grown up enough that I don’t tear up stuff around the house now, just toys. I even got a toy that was supposed to be strong enough for real tigers, but believe me, it was no match for this wild bear!! It was a Tuffy’s “Mega Ring”,

made with 3 layers of industrial grade luggage material, covered by 3 layers of PVC and then 1 layer of fleece, all held together with 7 rows of stitching. I ran around with it for a while, and then within 45 minutes I had pulled it apart. Unfortunately, Mom took it away from me, right when I was really starting to have fun with it. Here’s a picture of my handiwork. I’m pretty proud of how nice this toy looks now.

Since this lasted me longer than most dog toys, I decided that maybe I should get on the ‘net and find some more toys made for tigers and bears. I found a website that has toys for zoos and refuges, so Mom said maybe she’ll buy toys from there instead of the pet store. We’ve been looking thru the wish lists made by other wild bears and lions to get ideas of toys for me. What a great idea! We’ll turn this place into a serious wild bear habitat before long if I get my way. I can hardly wait!

♥ Behr Behr, tiger tough, with a teddy bear heart. 🙂