It was 105° outside today. Whoever named the hot weather we are getting the “Dog Days of Summer” had a weird dog. Not only that, but their crazy dog is here too early. Ever since I was born in October, the weather has been great outside, but not now. It’s waaaaaaay too hot for this puppy!! I go outside to go potty and then hurry back inside to hang out in the air conditioning again, like any sane puppy would do. Not only that, but if I hurry back inside, I know my mom has a cool snack waiting for me, but more on that in a minute.

I was wondering about this dog that the “Dog Days of Summer” was named after, and why he liked hot weather, so I looked it up in Wikipedia. Yikes!!!! They’ve made a huge mistake!! They said that it was named this because of the Greeks and Romans thought that the Dog Star, named Sirius, (the brightest star in the Heavens), was angry and caused the hot weather. That’s simply NOT true. I know this because Sirius is my fur dad, and he’s extremely nice and wouldn’t cause it to be hot outside at all. So, they are all wrong, and they should apologize for saying mean things about my dad and then take the hot weather back. By the way, speaking of my dad, he really is a star, and has a bunch of championships and titles.

So, about the cool snacks my mom makes for me. She takes a Kong toy and fills it with yummy stuff and freezes it for me. YUM!!!! She takes fruit, low sodium chicken broth, and veggies and blends them in the blender to make a thick smoothie, which she pours into my Kong toy. {she fills the tiny hole in the Kong with peanut butter} She decided to use the extra heavy duty Kong because I… um… “accidentally” tore my “Fill N Freeze” bones up. My favorite popsicle so far is blended broth, banana, and zucchini.

I’m drooling now, just thinking about how good it tastes! Maybe the hot weather has it’s good side after all.

Behr Behr, daughter of Sirius. The good Sirius, who likes cool weather.