Week 3 of the siege at the bear refuge. I’ve been feeling like a hostage in my own home! I sure hope the vet releases me to play with other puppies soon before I totally run out of toys to tear up. Now all I have left is a couple of Kong toys, and they’re getting pretty boring. Hopefully mom will hurry up and get some of those toys for the zoo animals soon, ‘cause I need something more challenging to do. Grrrrrrr. See, I really AM a she-bear.

For anyone who might have been wondering, here’s the scoop. I guess everyone started getting alarmed because I was shuffling with my back feet, sometimes even dragging my toes a bit. Gosh, I mean, maybe I was just feeling lazy or something, you know? So, once again, Mom and Dad were praying for a miracle for me. I wonder how many miracles I’m allowed to have?

Anyhow, they did x-rays to see if I was developing something called wobbler’s, even tho I wasn’t wobbling. The x-rays looked great. Hopefully I won’t need an MRI, either. As if that weren’t enough, my liver enzymes have been running 6 times the upper limit of normal (translation: NOT good). I was starting to develop some other symptoms that might indicate either liver failure or Addison’s disease, so I’ve had lots and lots of stupid tests, and lots of trips to the vet’s office. At least they feed me and play with me, so they’re not all bad. I never get to play with other puppies there tho, so that’s no fun.

GOOD NEWS!!! I guess I got another miracle. (have I hit my limit yet?) Now my liver is totally normal, and the test for Addison’s came back negative. Woo Hoo!!!!!!! All I have to do now is stop shuffling, and everybody will be happy. If it’ll get me out of confinement, I’ll give it my best try.

So that’s the update and good news from the bear refuge.

♥ Behr Behr, the bored she-bear. Grrrrrrrrr. Rip, shred.