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I’ve been learning some fun new things. Remember how I told you I love to pronk, like a gazelle? Well, this is really cool! I’ve figured out that if I slow myself down while in the air , and change the angle of my leap, I can actually HOVER!!!

Yipeeee! I’m an official Hover Dog  now! Those silly flying nun ears of mine make great wing flaps, too.

Check out my photos, and you’ll see I can hover at a pretty good altitude for a dane puppy. Maybe even as high as Falcor in the “Neverending Story”, but I’m cuter!! OK, so my landing is a little sloppy sometimes, but I’m still learning how to get the angle of my ear flaps correct for a smoother touchdown. Hey, I’m just a pup.

Actually, mom said I’m not supposed to be jumping around so much, but that maybe when I’m a little older I will be able to compete in jumping. Now THAT’S something I’d really like to do! Maybe I am part antelope afterall. Hmmmm. Would that make me a “dane-alope?”

♥ Behr Behr, the danealope hover dog 🙂


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