I was outside playing on my deck the other day, just doing things puppies like to do, like eating the dirt in mom’s plants, sniffing bugs, and looking over the railing and pretending I’m a in my fort watching for spies and intruders. Suddenly, a little funny animal came right up to my deck, um, I mean fortress. She had a long fluffy tail, and she was looking at me funny. I think she wants to play with me!

Mom told me she was a squirrel, like the ones Rusty is always on the patrol for, and that she wouldn’t take my food because she only eats nuts and stuff. Yuck. That’s weird food. Oh well, at least she won’t take any of my food. Hey, wait a minute there. If she only eats nuts, and she’s staring at me like that, does that mean she thinks I’m nuts?? Just kidding. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, reporting live from guard duty in the fort