That’s the dog version of the game “Chutes and Ladders” in case you didn’t know it. Ha Ha. 🙂 (say shoots -hund -ladders…)

Schutzhund is German for “protection dog”. You can read more about what this is here. Police dogs and search and rescue dogs are schutzhund trained, for example. There are even competitions for schutzhund titles.

(by the way, even though my name, Behr, is German, I’m a dane and my family is Scottish)

Anyhow, I think the kid’s version sounds way more fun. I finally found a chute and ladder big enough for a puppy my size to play with. This one is almost 4 stories high!

Here’s what it looks like from my view point.

I’m ready to play if any other big puppies want to come over and check out my dane sized “chutes and ladders” game. We could have “Game Day at Behr Behr’s.” BYOS though. (bring your own snacks)   I want all of mine for myself. You mess with my snacks and I might just become a schutzhund dog after all.

I will share my water with you.

♥ Oh Chute! It’s Behr Behr, signing off. Ha Ha! 🙂