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Just wondering. Apparently my parents think so. My Mom raised horses for a long time, so when it she needed a warm, durable “coat” for me for our camping trip this coming week, she got me a horse blanket. Ok, I know you are laughing, but I don’t think it’s that funny. Really. Seriously now, no laughing. Do I look like I’m amused?

Like I said before, it takes a good sense of humor to live with my parents sometimes. I should have never asked, “What will they think of next?”

How do they come up with these things anyhow? Sometimes I wonder if they just stay up at night dreaming up funny things to do to me.

Here I was, all excited about my first ever camping trip. They said they were taking me to the mountains (almost 10,000 ft. elevation), where there are lots of trees and fun things to do. Even Rusty chimed in and told me I’d like it because camping means lots of walkies and squirrels. (see the comment under “Squirrel Patrol”) Then I started finding out there were some funny catches to my vacation. First it was the cable thing I have to be on sometimes. No big deal; it’s like a super long leash. After that, they told me it’s really cold up in these mountains, so I would need to wear a coat. Ok, I’ve done that before too.

Then the UPS man brought a package to our house with my coat in it. Just a side note about the UPS man while we are on the subject. I think he’s afraid of me because my bark sounds scary. Ha Ha Ha. When he brought my coat, he literally just threw it onto our patio without even coming to our door. The time before that, he ran when he heard me bark. What a funny guy. 🙂

Anyhow, I was shocked when I saw my new “coat”!!! What kind of coat is this!?!? And did we have to buy a blaze orange one???? (and one that’s a little too big) Hello, it’s embarrassing enough for me to wear a silly horse blanket, but then to make it bright orange too??? I’ll bet even the squirrels will be laughing.

All I can say is this “camping thing” had BETTER be fun. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back.

♥ Behr Behr, just horsing around….

Note from Behr Behr’s mom: I bought her blaze orange because it happens to be bear and deer hunting season near where we are going, and I didn’t want her to look like a black bear cub to a careless hunter…. even tho they aren’t supposed to be near the campground. It’s been known to happen, unfortunately.

Foal and miniture horse blankets happen to fit most great danes, just so you know. They also happen to be waaaayy less expensive than “dog coats” as a rule, and far more durable. I guess others have bought them because now they even make horse blankets for dogs (including small dogs). Behr’s is waterproof and insulated even. I’m going to add an additional strap around her waist tho, since it’s big on her right now. Great idea for a growing pup in my opinion.


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