Mom doesn’t know I’m on her computer. Shhhh. I’ll get in really big trouble if she finds out.

I’m ok, and camping was great. Pictures are coming soon! Mom has to do that kind of stuff. I barely know how to type.

We came home to broken plumbing, a refridgerator that was off, air conditioner disconnected (construction crew did it), and our home being torn apart for mold remediation and construction defects. Everything is crazy around here!!!!!! I don’t have any room to run around in here even. Men in white space suit things are walking around here and doing weird stuff to our house, like building little plastic rooms inside of our rooms. Something about negative pressure stuff. I thought we weren’t supposed to be so negative… Hmmm.

We’ll be back soon. Sorry for the delay. I miss you guys!!

♥ Behr Behr 🙂