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This thanksgiving I want to let all of you know how very thankful I am for meeting you on my blog. I’ve really had so much fun sharing my adventures with you and even more fun reading about all of YOURS! Isn’t technology wonderful? It allows puppies like us to become friends, even though we live miles and miles apart. It’s sort of like a global gathering of puppy friends, all playing together in the giant yard called the Earth. Hey, is there a fence around this whole thing?

For those of my friends not living in the United States, let me explain what thanksgiving is. Well, it’s really my first Thanksgiving (the one before this I was so small I couldn’t even hardly walk yet). It’s the day when our parents fix us a giant turkey, I think about the size of my crate. At least it looked that big to me. It must be somehow related to a kong toy, because they mentioned something about putting the stuffing in it. That’s the stuff they put in my kong sometimes.

It’s torture to smell it cooking all day and not be able to have any!! My mom was cutting the turkey and I tried everything I could to get in there and get to that turkey because she obviously forgot I was waiting for mine. I guess she was making up a new game for me to play, but I didn’t think it was very fun, really. The game was “How to make it extremely difficult for Behr Behr to get to her turkey”, or something like that. She put a silly barracade up at the entrance to the kitchen, and then wasn’t happy with me when I broke thru. I crawled under it (army crawl), pushed it down, pulled it down, and then tried to jump over it. Usually when I figure out how to do mazes and puzzles and stuff, she’s really happy with me, but not this time. Everytime I got into the kitchen, she made me leave again, and then changed the barracade. She didn’t even let me have any turkey when I was howling! I have never had to work so hard to get food in my life. I don’t think I’m real thankful about this Thanksgiving turkey thing. Why can’t they just fix my turkey and give it to me without all of these games? The only good thing about it all is that there is lots of turkey for me to eat for quite a while. Well, that is, if they ever give it to me. Without playing the barracade the turkey game, which is ridiculous.

Can you imagine if I made dinner for my parents (extra yummy stuff like honest kitchen, chicken, and kong stuffing) and then put a huge barracade around it so they couldn’t reach it? How about if I added a big fan blowing the yummy smell of their dinner all thru the house for the whole day, and THEN played the barracade game? I wonder how they would like their game then?

Well, on second thought, I guess they are usually nice to me, so maybe I won’t do that after all. Maybe they wanted me to be thankful that they aren’t always this way, and that we don’t play “barracade the turkey” game everyday. So, that’s what I’m thankful for today. That, and all of my wonderful, funny, cute, entertaining and caring blog friends out there, like you!!!!

♥ Happy Thanksgiving from Behr Behr 🙂

p.s.- from BB’s mom- we are celebrating Thanksgiving 2 days in a row, in 2 different cities.  That’s how BB could write about her impressions of Thanksgiving so early in the day 🙂



Just catchin’ some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’S with my zebra. Kind of a “security zebra” since I don’t like to sleep without it.  It’s such a nice, soft, cuddly zebra too.  Just hearing the name, Zzzzebra makes me sleepy 🙂

Behr Behr, along with my friend the zzzzzzzzzzzzebra

Note from Behr Behr’s mom: It’s true, she doesn’t like to sleep without her zebra for some reason. Usually it’s a pillow for her, but sometimes she falls asleep like this with the zebra in her silly little mouth. (she’s sleeping with her eyes half open in the photo) She’s such a puppy/teen right now…one minute a “big girl”, the next a michevious <little> puppy. It’s like she can’t make up her mind what she wants to be. Anyhow, I thought this was cute.

Why, it’s ME of course!! Yay!! img_2025

I was so happy that in the midst of all of the construction mess around here, we still got to celebrate my 1st birthday. Wow, I never had a birthday before; and boy was it fun!!! The only bad thing was that I got lots of new toys and there is no where to even run around in the house with them now. Not only that, but we have these yucky ol’ hard concrete floors because our carpet got mold in it. I like soft fluffy things, you know. Mom bought me some nice soft things to lay down on, but I keep getting bored and tearing them up. I just can’t resist! I don’t understand why she can’t just buy me some more when I tear these up. Mom and Dad said I have officially become a puppy teen now, and they said the breeder said I might behave like this. I wonder how she knew?

Ok, so on with the good stuff. 🙂

First of all, Mom and I took a long walkie to some of my favorite places, followed by a car ride and a trip thru Starbucks. I like the Starbucks drive thru because they give Mom pretty drinks and they always give me my own cup of ice. I love ice!

When we got home, my friend, a Pom named Wuki, wukicame over and gave me some presents.Here’s what I got from my friend Wuki.. Isn’t he the cutest?  Because he’s smaller than me, we can’t really play together, but we sniff each other a lot and kind of dance around together.


Thank you WUKI !

Later Mom and Dad gave me even MORE presents to open.


This is fun because I get to tear up all the paper, and then as a bonus prize of some sort, I get a toy after I’m done with the paper. I hope they play this game with me more often. Oh, maybe it would be better if I didn’t have to wear my Puppy Princess crown and sash tho. They kind of get in my way and fall off. I don’t see what they have to do with the game anyhow.

I got a new Orka jack since my other one was getting kinda old.


I also got a Jolly Ball, which is the coolest toy ever!


Then they gave me my first ever dog puzzle.


I love playing with it, and get so excited when I see it that I start drooling. The puzzle is called a “Dog Brick”, and it’s made by some lady named Nina Ottosson.

All I know is that whoever she is, she makes some fun games for puppies like me!!  I LOVE to solve problems, almost as much as I love causing them 🙂 Mom said the puzzle will be especially nice on cold and rainy days like today. I totally agree.

Hey, if there are any other puppies out there that have a “Dog Brick”, maybe we can have a contest to see who’s the fastest. What do you think? Anybody want to play?

Oh, um, so I accidentally tore up my “nearly indestructible” jack.Actually, I like it better this way. The little nobby things make great balls to chase, and they bounce real crazy. some-disassembly-required

Maybe the package should say, “some DISassembly required”  🙂

So, that’ s basically how my day went, along with lots of extra attention and snacks. I hope they do this birthday thing more often!

Hopefully Mom will have time to help me put together the camping trip photos soon. We just now got our desk area back. It was all torn apart and too hard to work with all of the construction stuff around. (You can see their grey trailer thing and a bunch of tools in one of my photos)

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Princess Behr Behr, happy birthday to me.

Behr Behr, the birthday princess puppy. The one who gets all the toys and paper to tear up.

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