A bunch of days ago, my parents took me to this cool forest to pick out something they called a “Christmas tree.” It’s a place where people go to cut down trees, and then other people plant them again. Don’t ask me why they do that, but it must be some kind of silly game that people play. Puppies wouldn’t play anything that ridiculous.

Anyhow, so my mom and dad let me wander through this pretty forest and help them pick out the tree for their game. All I know is that there were LOTS of interesting smells there, and I was more interested in finding out who else had been there than I was looking at the trees. I’m sure that bunnies, coyotes, opossums, and maybe raccoons had all been there before me. I wonder if they were helping their parents play the tree game too? Hmmmm.

In the middle of this game I was playing with my parents, they stopped and dressed me up in a silly outfit to take my picture. I think maybe they get bonus points in the game for dressing their dog up while they are hunting trees. So, they put this red hat and a big bow with bells on it on me and started taking lots of pictures. Something about putting my picture on my Christmas cards. I didn’t know I even HAD any Christmas cards, and I’m not sure how I use those in the game. Maybe they are like “get out of jail free” cards or something.  Hey, I wonder if I can use my Christmas cards to get out of my crate when I’m stuck in there? That would be great!

Well, about that time, some kids all started hanging around wanting to pet me, and people were saying, “Aw, how cute!”, so I quit playing the tree game. I’m not sure how it ended, but I guess my dad won because he got to take his tree home with him.

My parents were so proud of their tree they won, they actually put it inside of our house and hung their toys up all over their tree, just to show it off. I love having my own tree in our house. Already I accidentally knocked it over once, and almost did another time when I got the “zoomies.” I like laying down under the tree on the blanket my parents keep under there, but they don’t think it’s real funny. I don’t know why, they aren’t even using it. I don’t mean to get caught in the branches and toys when I stand up, either. They should have given me more room to lie down on their silly blanket. Not only that, but they don’t like me playing with their toys, either. They should have left them in their toybox then.

We have a big moose outside on our porch that showed up about the time my parents brought their tree in our house. He’s bigger than I am, and has lights all over him. I’ll have to get a picture of him to post soon.

So, that’s the new game I learned not too long ago. I hope we get to play it again, only maybe my parents will let me use their blanket. That would be nice. Oh yeah, the tree has it’s own bowl of water to drink, too. The tree lets me drink it’s water, but so far I haven’t seen what kind of food it eats. I’m waiting for that. I’m always hunting for stuff to eat.

That’s all for now. Just thought you’d like to know what kind of funny stuff my parents do, since they are always telling on me, for the whole world to read. Ha!

♥ Behr Behr, the tree hugger sniffer.