(Behr Behr’s mom hijacking the blog again…)

Yikes! We just discovered that Behr Behr has a dog whisperer, in her ear! No, not the famous guy on T.V. If it were him, she would probably be a lot more compliant and get into less trouble. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but hers is a female whisperer. Yes, you heard that right. A lady. Stuck in Behr Behr’s ear. I don’t think she’s been whispering good things for Behr Behr to do, either. I think she’s responsible for suggesting things like tearing up blankets and toys and that kind of thing. But first, let me explain how we found this out.

It goes back to Christmas morning, really. One of our gifts from my daughter-in-law was a handmade calendar, full of photos of Behr Behr doing her usual (and some new) silly things. calendar-front The calendar is awesome, and some photos made us laugh even! (it is hard to photograph properly, sorry It looks WAY better in person) Anyhow, it was so….

Wait, this story starts even before then, sorry. We’ll get back to Behr Behr in a minute. You have to understand that my daughter-in-law (AKA adopted daughter) is an amazing young lady that I’m happy my son married. After many years of marriage, she got pregnant with my first grandchild, who by the way, is the cutest little guy on the planet. Hey, I’m grandma, I can say that.

Anyhow, she survived some very serious complications during delivery, only to discover afterward that she had also developed cancer. Both my grandson and his mom had to have surgery afterwards, and then she started medical treatment for the cancer. Some people would have been super discouraged at this point, but she instead, remained amazingly positive. That’s where the calendar comes in. She had to be in total isolation for about a week, away from her hubby and son while undergoing treatment. Not an easy thing for a new mommy, to be sure. It was during this time, all alone in her room following surgery and treatment that this calendar was created. Most people aren’t thinking about Christmas projects for their in-laws at at time like this, but that shows you what kind of person she is. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter-in-law, and I’m blessed to have her as a part of our family.

OK, back to Behr Behr. Tonight we were looking at the January photo januaryon our calendar and laughing at how silly our little pup looked as she went thru her “Yoda” ear phase. Boy are we ever glad THAT has ended!! That’s when I noticed the lady in her ear. I thought maybe it was just the calendar, but when I got out the original photo (because it was a little bit more clear), it was in that one too. Look at her ear and see if you see the “blondish” lady with her chin resting on her right hand, staring off innocently into space (facing the word “face” on the photo). dog-whispererYeah, she looks innocent alright. NOT. She was the one suggesting Behr Behr get into the trash, take socks, tear up rugs and blankets, eat rocks, and so forth.

The GOOD news is that she is gone now, thankfully. All that remains is some of the bad habits Behr Behr learned under the tutalage of this crazy lady, but even those are beginning to fade with maturity and training now.

So, now we know why our sweet little innocent puppy misbehaved so much. I don’t know where the lady dog whisperer went, but if you have a dog that is misbehaving, maybe you should check your dog’s ears to see if she’s hiding in there somewhere. I think she could give that famous guy a run for his money.