Q. – Dear Behr Behr, how do I get my mom/dad to notice me and do fun things with me again? signed, bored puppy.


A. – Dear Bored puppy, unfortunately, moms and dads have a problem called AOADD (adult onset attention deficit disorder). What happens is that their minds can’t focus on simple things all day like ours can. We pick the few things that are really important to us and focus on them, like food, play, kisses, naps, and walkies. Sadly, they often lose the ability to do that. Their minds think about a million silly, unimportant things like groceries, bills, work, cleaning, errands, etc., etc. None of those are fun or healthy. You have to help them out by reminding them to get outside and play, for example, or they will never think of it. It will be good for them, and you’ll have fun in the process.


I suggest you just put your cute, smiling face everywhere they usually go while they are doing the unimportant, boring things. sandwich-boardIt will make them feel guilty, and they will find fun places to go with you. wantedIt works for me.



Today Mom and Dad took me for a really fun walkie!! I got to meet a horse up close, Isniffing-horse

saw a tiger who still had his bow on from his parent’s tree game, tiger-2and a yard I wish I could run in.nice-yard

Then I was walking on a country road that had a drainage hole of some sort, skunk1and my nose said to go check it out. Mom and Dad would have never bothered because their AOADD was causing them to look all over the place a boring things like houses and trees and stuff. skunk3


This little guy was taking a nap, probably waiting for his mom to come home and take him for a walkie. He was a cute little puppy with stripes, and Mom and Dad said his name was “Skunk”. Wow, that’s a weird name for a puppy! They wouldn’t even let me play with him, either. I thought they were being mean.


Great day for a walkie, and we all had lots of fun for sure. You’ll have to try it on your mom/dad and let me know how it works for you. Remember, you’ll be doing them a favor.


♥ Behr Behr, advice columnist to puppies. 🙂