I just wanted to show you how much work it is to get snacks around my house. My parents got me this “toy” for my birthday, but really, I think it’s an instrument of torture. Why don’t they ever just hand me the snacks without making me do all kinds of work to get them? I know other puppies don’t have to work for their food. Maybe I should protest.

It usually takes me 20 seconds to get all the snacks out of this “toy” called the “Dog Brick”, but I was a little slow because they were watching me with that silly camera. Again. They follow me around with that thing all the time.

♥  Behr Behr, Dog Brick pro 🙂

Note from Behr Behr’s mom– Aw, don’t listen to her. She’s just in a whiney mood right now. She really and truly enjoys ANYTHING that we make into a game, including the Nina Ottoson Dog Brick. We just ask her, “Wanna play with your puzzle?” and her ears perk up and she starts drooling. 🙂