Mom’s finally helping me post the photos of my very first camping trip….that was a few MONTHS ago! That was back when my ears were still in tape and the weather was a not as cold as it is now.

Mom and Dad bought me my OWN backpack to put all my toys and stuff in. WooHoo! I gathered up all of my favorite things in a flash and was ready to go, but had to wait for them to pack our truck. Took them about 2 days. (in dog hours)


When we got there, I took a quick look around and decided I was gonna love this “camping” thing!! Yippee!! Lots of room to run around and animals to sniff and chase.

view That was before they put me on that silly cable thing and I could only move around in about a 100 ft. (diameter) circle. Bummer. Something about campground rules. A little funny to walk around in my (glow in the dark?) coat with that cable thing on me.

i-glow-in-the-dark At least we went for lots of walkies, like Rusty said we would be doing.


Mom got one of her silly toys out to play with, and it was fun to chase and bark at. I never caught it because it was always just out of reach. Darn. Whatever it was, it was fast!


Here’s where it gets really exciting. On one of our walkies, I think I found a UFO that had crashed into the woods. I stuck my head in their door and barked, but no one answered. No doggies in there. I think they left because they crashed into a lake and all the water went inside their space ship.  I run when I see a thing full of water too, ’cause it usually means I’m gonna get a bath.


When we got back to our campsite, we were just kicking back and enjoying the sunshine a bit (temperatures in the 30’s F).


I couldn’t believe what I saw!!!!! This crazy ground squirrel came sneaking into our campsite on some kind of secret mission. (the audacity!!)


We were all very still, watching to see what she was going to do. When she saw that we were not moving, she assumed we were safe and continued on her mission. Apparently, she was there to steal paper towels. I think she was going to take them back to her house to sell on Flea-Bay or something. That’s what Mom said.    stealing-paper-towels

She stuffed a small piece of towel into her mouth and ran off to stash it at her house. While she was there, she looked up the value on Flea-Bay and must have decided it was worth a lot to other squirrels, so she came back to steal more. That’s when she got really greedy and tried to stuff a WHOLE BUNCH of paper towels into her mouth, but they wouldn’t quite fit. Sorry the video is shaking, Mom was laughing as she filmed it for me so I could show you.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to be on Squirrel Patrol, so I did my duties and made sure she didn’t come back to steal more stuff from us. I’m pretty sure she wanted my toys and food next.

Probably if you ask nicely, your human(s) will take you camping to see the UFO’s and paper eating squirrels sometime. Well, those of you in other countries might have to watch out for other kinds of thieving animals. I’m pretty sure they all live near campgrounds though, since they’ve been kicked out of the cities where they all got in trouble.

Hey, if you see our paper towels on Flea-Bay, can you let my mom know please? Thanks.

♥ Behr Behr, doin’ the squirrel patrol thing.

Note from Behr Behr’s mom– the “UFO” Behr Behr thinks she saw was really a device for wild animals to get water in the forest. You probably shouldn’t tell her though, since she thought she was being brave to approach the alien puppies. 🙂